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  • Le Professeur Le Professeur Mar 7, 2012 14:32 Flag

    POGBA: Greedy, Ill Advised, or Deserved Better?

    I'd be interested to know each and everyones (aside from spursbrats) verdict (assuming that the reports today are true), on the situation regarding Pogba has signed for Juve for 20k a week.

    Was he...

    ....Asking too much considering he'd only appeared a coupe of times, and two or three youth players have performed better than him in the reserves this season?

    ....A victim of bad advice from another greedy agent, who clearly has done obscenely well from this deal (£2m..how?!).

    ....Or was he deserving of us stumping up the 20k and giving him more opportunities, considering his obvious talent and potential?

    Part of me agrees that we must on principle not bow to the demands of unproven youngsters, or the whole thing could spiral out of control. Ultimately however, this kid should have played more this season (IMO), I mean even Gibson got a game on his return! He'd done more than enough to convince me he had the ability to at least deserve the opportunity to impress. I doubt the wages were as much of an issue as this little factor, but I'd like to wait and learn more about whats gone on....if we're ever to know!

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    • Red Rants twitter has it that he has signed a new contract today.
      How they would know is anyone's guess.
      We shall see.

    • Rumours floating around the last couple of days that this whole Juve thing originates from a fake facebook account.

      Second it was being murmered around twitter yesterday that Pogba was now indeed close to signing a new deal to stay at United.

      Now this evening, its being reported that he was on the team bus heading to the hotel ahead of tomorrows game. Unless thats another wind up and he makes the bench tomorrow, it would be a clear indication he could indeed be staying after all!

      We'll see tomorrow whether this is just someone having a laugh this evening. What an epic wind up that would be if he stayed and the Juve stuff was all false. Every media outlet and all of us have been sucked in by it.

    • Word is Pogba just couldn't stand any more of the tosspot glory supporters that follow United.....and who can blame him?


    • Armero's ideal, and from what I've seen, he seems like he'd be able to handle himself no probs in this league.

      What do you think of United, Citeh, Atletico and Valencia all winning tonight, for betting purposes?!

    • *coming off the line even!

    • In which case, the rumours of Rodriguez/Gaitan etc make sense.

      I agree with you about Nani. I'm also pleased with Valencia this season - he has added an awful lot to his game this year in terms of coming off the time, and getting involved in play more.

      Personally, in terms of the left footed option, and for the sake of saving money, it would be better to go for a left wingback/winger to provide opposition to Evra and an option further up - Armero of Udinese is basically a left footed Valencia and would be excellent.

    • Dont see it happening Stefan, I think Fergie knows Nani's best years are yet to come, and the competition between him and Valencia is good.

      I'd like to see some serious competition for Young, a left footed option obviously.

    • I agree with that, and the fact that it is Mino Raiola makes the deal very difficult. He'll also ensure that Balotelli ends up at Milan in a year or 2.

      I've seen that James Rodriguez has said he's interested in coming - great talent, but I wouldn't want him unless Nani suddenly was moved on.

    • One factor we simply cant ignore though is the rumoured cut the agent has taken.

    • The only reason he hasn't been promoted faster is because of the contract situation, nothing else. You have conveniently failed to mention that his last cameo was in fact very impressive. It has nothing to do with his talent, or lack of talent/discipline, as you now are making out. His pass choice is a damn sight better than Gibson's who we were lumbered with for years, and Carrick's, who we have to position so deep, to hide the fact that he needs a acres of space to control the ball, look up, and make a simple pass. Good luck to Pogba - nothing arrogant about going to an elite club on a good deal.

      Let's hope there is some serious investment in the centre in the summer.

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