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    Pogba on the bench

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    Those rumours of him signing a 4 year contract are looking good, I doubt he'd be back on the bench otherwise.

    Unconfirmed injury news that Anderson is out for the season with a hamstring injury and Smalling has a burst blood vessel.

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    • Could be that Fergie is still trying to 'work' on the kid himself. But his agent is the one doing the deals. I suspect the only way he is going to stay is if he changes his agent ( again), or United do something they just do for new transferees, ie pay 'loyalty bonus which the lad can share with his agent.
      I hope he does, because he has talent, but I am not holding my breath.

    • Jim, I doubt he would be anywhere near the first team again if he had indeed agreed a deal in principle with Juve.

      Obviously nothing is agreed yet with United still, but I think him being allowed back in and getting on today, having previously been told to train alone, is a good sign that some positive talks must have taken place and i'm guessing Fergie must have renewed confidence in him agreeing a deal and staying.

      Decent 20 minutes from him too.

    • Yes Ferguson allows an obese footballer who trains 4 times a week and is subject to rigorous fitness testing where they monitor every players physical condition, to play for United. You are a funny one.

    • Having difficulty constructing sentences now I see. Anderson *doesn't* have weight problems? You're blind and stupid.

    • Thats obviously not what I said. To be honest its my fault, I knew you were a simpleton, I should have made it easier for you. Tell us about fat Anderson is again simple stefan, I need a laugh!

    • What a clown you are. You're seriously suggesting that when Anderson is on the pitch, he is athletically and technically the same player he was when he was 18?! That suggests to me that you're the one who has only supported the club for 5 minutes. That or your blind.

    • The stats dont support your argument. Anderson has suffered from injuries greatly the past 3 years, but youd have to have supported us for more than 5 minutes and actually played the game to recognise this and appreciate this. Thats the benefit of experience.
      Anderson twice burst forward into the box against bilbao, but was never going to have much joy with just Hernandez in the correct position, whilst opposing 3 excellent spanish midfielders alone. Fergie got it wrong again thurday, and players suffered as a consequence. The idea we dont care about the Europa cup is also absurd.

    • Yes devon, i did mentioned that...................Tut tut!!

    • According to Fergie , Pogba has not signed a contract, but is still making up his mind. Which of course does not mean his agent hasn't agreed a pre-contract with Juve.
      Back to important matters, good day today, United's attitude was everything it wasn't on Thursday, clearly not interested in europa cup ( don't blame them). Well done Swansea, but loads of twists and turns yet.

    • If he has signed, then it's time to put Anderson out to pasture. He needs a change of scenery for the good of his career, and a mid-table Italian side would be good for him, or a top Portuguese one. I don't doubt that if he does well there, he'll move on eventually to a top side again - it's just a shame that he hasn't been able to do it here.

      Hopefully great news about Pogba. If he does sign, I wonder whether all those who said he didn't have the necessary talent, had a bad attitude, and was greedy, will come back saying exactly the opposite, and perhaps go even further - 'we have the next best midfielder in the world!!'

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      • If those comments were aimed at me Stefan, let me be absolutely clear. I said he thought he was better than he was, not that he wasn't talented. I said stories coming OT might be post-event rationalisation that he wouldn't take instructions on the pitch. Not accepting United's offer was up to him.
        If it turns out the story has been wrong, then it changes none of the above comments.
        However whether or not he stays may change the requirements for squad strengthening a little bit, but only that, a little bit. He is completely unproven in the first team and I doubt very much that the summers transfer activity will change a jot whether he stays or goes.

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