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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Mar 16, 2012 04:28 Flag

    If we dont win anything this season.

    I really hope Fergie steps down and leaves for good, followed by the Glazers and the current directors. Fergie's attitude towards the Europa League really does my head in, and has come back to bite him in the @$$ and i strongly feel it's time he is held accountable for dragging us into our current plight. I can't understand why most other Utd fans are so afraid of calling him out, and start attacking fellow supporters who do. True, he's done a lot for the club for the past 2 decades, but now it's clear for all to see that he's no longer competent at his job. And shame on the owners and board for not exerting enough pressure on him to reinforce the squad, change his tactics and get the results. They're nothing but a bunch of weaklings and are just interested in lining their own wallets than serving the best interests of the club. And ket's not forget that Phelan's useless as a #2. To all United fans, let's force the current owners, directors and management out of the club. We need a young, modern, personable and tactically smart manager, a young, able assstant coach, wealthier and more powerful owners and directors who actually care for the club and its fans, not the jokers we currently have in charge of us right now!!!!

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    • Were they 'jokers' when United won the treble ?( I meant the 2008 'treble' ) Can you name any English club as successful as United over the last 7 years ? Guardiola will stay with Barcelona. I know it's terrible , and we should all commit collective suicide if we don't win a trophy, I do think you should support a club like Chelsea though kitten/slayer. They change their manager every 6 months, which wopuld be right up your street.