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  • jim w jim w Mar 26, 2012 22:04 Flag

    great ref

    Didn't see him for the whole match, but made a great decision at the end. Great for United, wrong of couse, thank goodness.
    Nerves showing.

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    • Well, if Ralf is right above, then sooner or later we will get five dodgy penalty decisions against Barca to put us in the final of the CL. So hopefully in a few weeks time I'll be eating humble pie.

      Chelsea were pretty solid. Benfica didn't look so good but given that was the first time since the thawing of the ice age they hadn't scored at home, I'm inclined to agree with the commentators it was because Chelsea outwitted them. Shame Mata hit the post with the keeper nowhere, for the second game in a row.

      I thought the team selection was idiotic. Shows what I know. And well done Torres for yet another assist. If he scored as many as he makes assists, but never made an assist, people would think he was awesome and we were rubbish. Maybe that's what happened at liverpool.


    • They haven't a cat in hell's chance of beating the best team in the world, jimmy.

      Put it this way, Chelsea were played off the park by an overrated and average Spurs side on their turf on Sunday. Barca would definately be a bridge too far for them. Having said that, I think Chelsea have done well to get this far in the competition given the obvious lack of quality in their side.

    • By the way, Robert, your lads were excellent tonight. I would really love it if they could go and beat Barca in the semis.

    • Robert, its in the Opta stats.
      The point is, your point is pointless.

    • Suppose all referees were perfect, or refereeing decisions over eight years really did even out, as some people keep apparently asserting. In those situations, there wouldn't be an equal number of penalties given against the home team for all clubs. There would be a (probably normal) distribution. If it turned out that the team that the fewest penalties against was one of the best two defences over that period, and also the team with the best home record, would it be such a surpise? It wouldn't to me.

      So I think you need to work a bit harder before making a conclusion that Chelsea have been unduly blessed by referees at home.

      Do you have the stats for this?


    • Sorry Robert, I should have been more concise. Stamford Bridge is the ground at which the away side has received the least number of penalties over the last 8 years. Old Trafford ranks about half way in the grounds with more than 50 games played over that period.
      I doubt Chelsea have more possession in the opposing half at SB than United at OT.
      Draw your own conlusions, I do.

    • Ah yes, your grievances that anyone touches your players they should be sent off. Never mind the many yellow and red cards your players don't get given. Like Rooney not getting a straight red for blatantly elbowing someone in the previous match to the one you complain about.

      Luiz was treated the same way by the referee as Vidic. When on a yellow, the referee was reluctant to give another. Ancelotti wisely took Luiz off when he had had one let off. Vidic carried on fouling until after two or three let-offs the ref decided enough was enough. You weren't hard done by except in your and your manager's imagination..


    • It makes up for the Drogba 'goal' at OT a couple of seasons ago.

      Very disappointing that referees get such clear decisions wrong, but given enough time, they do go both ways.

      Of course, the ABUs only remember the ones that go for Utd.

      • 1 Reply to Ralf S
      • Unbelievable.

        The United fans don't remember the ones that go for United. In the very same game as the Drogba goal Macheda knocked one in for you with his arm. How many United fans remember that? You don't, because it doesnt suit the typical United paranoid view that if you didnt win the league you must have been cheated. (Otherwise why is that decision they always whinge about?) And then in the league game at OT this year you get given *two* offside goals and a penalty so soft you could fall asleep on it, and in the match at SB you get a soft penalty that Evra played for followed up by a penalty for Wellbeck that is leading contender for Joke Decision of the Season.

        Before having a go at ABU's take those red specs off Ralf.