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  • Ralf S Ralf S Mar 27, 2012 19:06 Flag

    Is ABU insulting?

    On another thread, I am informed that I used an insulting term, ABU.

    Is it an insulting term? I used to be an ABL (anyone but Leeds, when they were a successful team) and would not feel insulted to be called that.

    To me, an ABU is simply someone who would rather anyone else won that Utd, for whatever reason.

    What am I missing here?

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    • I agree with that 100% Ian.

    • Pool, you have to criticism in context of who , and why the person is criticising United. How can you have respect for someone who uses abusive language when referring to Sir Alex Ferguson, who, even if he won nothing at United, deserves a little respect, especially by so-called United fans. I'm not talking about his tactical errors, or when he buys a dud. I criticise that. But to treat him as if he'd done nothing at this club is a disgrace.

    • "It was something to do Munich "

      Old habits die hard but as a sign of respect to those who sadly lost their lives in the Munich air disaster, I'll try as much as possible to desist from using the term if that's the case. I take no joy in the premature lost of lives which occurred - make no mistake about it.

      What I dislike is the thought that people like CHUMP20NS, Ian et al, tried to impose their wishes on others, hence my insistence in using the term..

      Thanks Rob.

    • Not sure if it’s insulting, but in most cases I doubt it’s very accurate, so for anyone who does not like being called something they are not, it might well be insulting.

      Most posters support a single specific club. They may have a few clubs they have a soft spot for based on history, family members, certain players or managers. They also may have a few clubs they really hate, but most are singular in their true support.

      By calling me an ABU are you suggesting when Utd are up against City, Arsenal, Chelsea or Everton! that I'm supporting the other side? The vast majority of the time when Utd plays anyone but Liverpool I'm hoping for a draw.

    • No, I don't find the ABU term insulting in the slightest.

      I'd much rather be an ABU than be one of these Yahoo message board dwelling Man U KNOBHEADS!


    • Hi Ralf

      I missed the thread but I guess the answer lies in the context in which you used it (dare I say it, a bit like the Suarez thing with him trying to argue he used Negrito as a term of endearment!).

      I think your usual style is to try and have reasoned debate so I would be surprised if you intended offence.

      I'll give you a bit of advice though if I may. I once used the term Man U on this board which some (not all) Utd fans found offensive. I didn't (still don't) understand why but I've done my best to remember to avoid using it since. I'm interested in genuine debate (with the odd bit of banter of course) and that's hard when you're on football forums where most people split down party lines. If you can avoid words that might be taken as offensive even if that was not the intention, then you are better off doing so. It gives you a better chance of a sensible discussion.

      ps. One thing that I've always found odd are that a number of posters here who are quick to use the ABU label are guilty of the same thing - anyone but united must be wrong.

    • Well I said that, as you know.

      Literally, it shouldn't be insulting. If someone declares that they would like anyone to win apart from united, then calling them ABU is merely a statement of fact.

      However, look at how the term is used. It is almost always used by united fans in a derogatory way. It's united fans way of saying "this person criticised united but the criticism is invalid because they are biased". It's a generic put-down. Often it's a lazy ad hominem to avoid a difficult argument.


    • Don't worry about it; it's just prissy Robert being Robert. He is a classic ABU. He can't make a post without some sly dig at United or its supporters.