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  • Robert M Robert M Mar 27, 2012 23:29 Flag

    Question for neutrals

    ...and non-neutrals, but the non-neutrals will probably split down club lines.

    Some days ago Liverpool asked the FA if their FA cup semifinal could be held on the Saturday, as the Sunday is the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster. The FA apparently agreed. Now Chelsea are saying they don't want to be scheduled for the Sunday because they may be involved in a CL semi final the following Wednesday against opponents who probably had their previous fixture played earlier.

    So what should have happened? Should the FA gave agreed to LFC's request or done something else?

    I note that when the request was agreed there were still six clubs still in the competition.

    I have my views but I'm interested in hearing others first.


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    • I'm not terribly upset. I just feel the FA shouldn't be hindering other clubs by pandering to Liverpool. Other than with Dalglish's arrogant comment above, I'm not upset with Liverpool.

      And no, I'm not trying to bait you, I'm just expressing what I think. People other than Liverpool fans should be able to express views on Hillsborough and Heysel too.


    • Are you trying to bait me with the Hysel comment? If others want to remember 15 April its up to them. LFC is not forcing you to remember just requested we don't play that day.

      I don't understand why you feel so aggrieved by this. You state the extra days rest is not a big deal so why are you upset another club should remember a tragic day by not playing football?

    • A good solution for both clubs might be to play the match on Friday rather than Sunday. Chelsea should request that.

    • Thanks Jim. Sorry if I've misrepresented you.


    • Robert, for what its worth, I posted at the beginning of this thread that I supported your view that the FA should not play this match on a day that clearly gives your club's opposition in a CL match an unfair advantage.
      I find the general 'Liverpool' approach to be wrong. They insist on forcing their rather hypocritical ( Hillsborough versus Heysel) views on the rest of us. They should be told by the FA that schedules for matches are not subject to such issues or exceptions.

    • Why didn't I post it on the Liverpool board? Two reasons.

      The main one is that the question wasn't about Liverpool, or Hillsborough, or Chelsea. It was about the FA and how it should go about organising fixtures. I wanted to know if other people thought the FA had gone about things the wrong way. This board is the best board for that sort of question becasue it has the largest number of contributors, and supporting more clubs. It doesn't seem as if people do think the FA got it wrong, whatever they think of Liverpool or Chelsea. Or maybe they don't care, and just see it as Robert bleating.

      The second reason is because anything that can be seen as challenging LFC over Hillsborough, if put on the Liverpool board, is simply going to bring down a ton of shit on the person who puts it there. Despite what you and others sometimes think, that's not my aim. My question about the FA would simply get lost in the storm in a way I (incorrectly) thought it wouldn't here.


    • I've said a number of times I'm not terribly bothered about Chelsea playing on the Sunday. It's the being bounced into playing on the Sunday that bothers me. As for bleating more than SAF, I think a better comparison would be that I, and Chelsea, are bleating rather rather less than Dalglish did earlier in the season about having insufficient rest between games.

      As for Heysel, yes, you're right it's because it wasn't Liverpool fans who died that day. You care to remember Liverpool fans who died, but not other fans who died, in good part due to bad actions of Liverpool fans. If LFC wants to honour the Hillsborough victims quietly and privately, good for them. But if it wants the rest of us to give the grief a special status, I'd be more impressed if I saw a bit of public concern for the Heysel victims too.


    • Rob, I did say I meant no offense to the locals. To be honest I don't know if SAF has complained about fixtures or not. I know others have (including Rafa), although I think most of the complaints were more about short turn around times following international breaks rather than fixture pile up.

    • Oops dsteer,
      I almost always let things go on this board, can't be much bothered to argue, but you wrote:
      "Are you really that aggrieved to only have 3 days rest instead of 4 between games? Got to say your bleating more than SAF"

      I've got to pull you up on that one.
      Something that SAF has never complained about is fixture pile-up. He has consistently said that lots of games at this stage of the season is a sign of success, and you need a big enough squad and roll with it if you want to win the cups. That can't be said of many other managers, notably Wenger, and, in his time, your old mucker Benitez, who I recall once grizzling in a press conference about how he reckoned SAF gets to organize the fixture list.

    • If you ever see me mocking Munich please feel free to call me out.

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