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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 30, 2012 18:43 Flag

    Question for neutrals

    Oops dsteer,
    I almost always let things go on this board, can't be much bothered to argue, but you wrote:
    "Are you really that aggrieved to only have 3 days rest instead of 4 between games? Got to say your bleating more than SAF"

    I've got to pull you up on that one.
    Something that SAF has never complained about is fixture pile-up. He has consistently said that lots of games at this stage of the season is a sign of success, and you need a big enough squad and roll with it if you want to win the cups. That can't be said of many other managers, notably Wenger, and, in his time, your old mucker Benitez, who I recall once grizzling in a press conference about how he reckoned SAF gets to organize the fixture list.