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    Viera: Man U get home help from referees

    "When Man U play at home they get some advantage that other teams don't get."

    "It's something the teams who are used to winning get all the time, so we need to win games so we have this advantage in the future," City's exceutive told BBC Sport at the Soccerex conference in Manchester on Wednesday.

    Sadly for Man U fans who like to play the ABU card, Viera's claims weren't your typical ABU rant, it's the truth. And you can't hide the truth.

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    • of course it wasn`t the usual ABU rant, it was the rant of soneone employed by the team competing with utd for the title. And of course he made no mention of the penalty stoke should have had against city or the failure of Webb to send Balotelli off against spurs.

    • " Sadly for Man U fans who like to play the ABU card, Viera's claims weren't your typical ABU rant, it's the truth. And you can't hide the truth" Just as true as Francenal getting at least 5 minutes of extra time, especially when they are chasing an equaliser, or winner. Just as true as Pires getting a penalty after diving. What was it deeprick ? "If the ref says it's a penalty, it's a penalty" I guess , if he doesn't , it's not ?

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      • Why is it too hard for you to focus on the point being made Ian? This isn't about Arsenal, it's the claim that Man U get home help from referees.

        And it seems that Viera isn't the only one making such claims.Martin Jol said something similar on Monday night and I quote,

        "No-one in the stadium could say Danny Murphy dived and everyone in the stadium expected a penalty," said Jol.

        "A few years ago, the ball was a metre over the line and they did not give it. Maybe the linesman was not quick enough that time.
        "But tonight the referee was there in line. It needed a brave decision because it was either a dive and he should book someone or he has to give Carrick a red card.

        "I don't want to see Carrick sent off but it needed a brave decision and I think it was a penalty kick.

        "The discussion of whether it would have been given at the other end has been going on for years and it will go on for years to come," he said.

        You either dispute their claims of favouritism with reasoned argument or you don't.

    • We get some good decisions and some bad decisions both for us and against us. It pretty much evens itself out over the course of the season.

      Against Fulham it was a penalty that wasn't given. Earlier in the season against Newcastle at OT it was never a penalty that was given.

      Some fans will always feel the injustices outweigh all the benefits. That's just our nature.

    • In Fergie's lastest drunken rant he claims he's going to bring Roy Keane back to sort Viera out!

      LMFAO you've got to give Fergie credit where credit is due, he is absolutely hilarious when he opens that silly old Glaswegian gob of his and lets the pure s h i t e start flooding out!


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      • Who cares, but as a matter of interest.............

        United were robbed of the chance to chase a second treble in 2008, winning the CL and EPL but losing in the qtrs of the FA cup.

        Paul Wilson of The Observer wrote, on Sunday 9th March 2008, the following:

        “To say Portsmouth rode their luck would be understating the case by the length of the Manchester Ship Canal. United were denied a clear penalty in the first half……..”

        And then later:

        “Lassana Diarra had barged Cristiano Ronaldo over the touchline with his shoulder. Ferguson thought that should have produced a booking. Atkinson kept his cards in his pocket but did award a foul. Yet when Sylvain Distin did exactly the same thing to Ronaldo in the area, as the winger drove goalwards after accepting a superb pass from Rooney, no offence was deemed to have been committed. Yet if one was a fair shoulder charge, so was the other. The only possible explanation was that Atkinson did not fancy awarding a penalty so early in the game.

        And again later:

        Tomasz Kuszczak, on at half-time for groin-strain victim Edwin van der Sar, was obliged to bring down Baros. There was some debate about whether he should have been sent off, with Rooney standing on the line, but once Sulley Muntari had scored past Ferdinand from the spot there was not much point in complaining.

    • AGAIN I say prove it... and I don't mean supposition ....actual evidence, And I don't care what paper says what ...I said FACTS that means you are going to have to look at EVERY MATCH united have played at home and highlight EVERY incident and decision ....and no body can do that, so you are wasting everybodies time making unproven claims

    • It doesn`t have to be a penalty call to be a debatable decision and there were 2 big question marks over chelsea`s win at villa - should the ref have blown the whistle when a villa player went down in the penalty area with what looked to be a head injury prior to chelsea`s 1st goal and was it really a foul on Terry when villa were denied a good goal scoring opportunity when the score was 2-2

    • The guidelines I posted suggest that anyone can be charged, although I have to confess that I don't know anything about the process. or whether it has ever been used to charge a non player or manager.

      Anyway, I wouldn't wish to see him charged, he has his opinion and although I don't agree with him (and the stats seem to say everyone has a bit of luck), let him say what he wants.

    • Villa losing which game? You don't mean today, do you?


    • It would be too embarrassing for them to charge Veira for what he said, even for this 'incompetent and lily-livered' FA .

      Would the charges against Veira be for saying that the title race is now over thanks to a dubious call by an incompetent referee like Michael Oliver?

      I don't think they would have appetite to bring charges against him, as it would be too embarrassing even for this inconsistent FA.

    • That's pretty desperate, isn't it. The referee might have seen two incidents differently and might or might not have awarded free kicks differently. That looks like a bit of a climbdown from "poor decisions that certainly contributed to villa losing". Funnily enough Alex McLeish has no complaint about anything, that I have seen. Chelsea dominated the game, let villa back in through being too complacent and then ran out easy winners.

      You refer to ABU's (frequently) and suggest they see refereeing one way, and then you come out with that? You're as bad as any ABU. Funnily enough I don't recall you telling us about poor "poor decisions that certainly cost Chelsea points against United this season". Twice. Care to now?


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