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  • Vincent, the title race was OVER on Monday night when manUre took all 3 points against Martin Jol's Fulham.

    Only an IDIOT will think otherwise.

    Hate to say it but manUre are CHUMP20NS and it says alot about state of the EPL and the CRAP showing by teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man City.

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    • everyone knows utd have the title in the bag. they can even afford a few more dropped pts & easily win it.

      but i guess we have to play along with sky & the media in pretending its going to be exciting & close!

      whats that now, utd winning the prem 6 out of the last 7 yrs?

      really competitive league.... not!

      no wonder we are struggling in europe.

      race for 4th & the battle to stay up are the only exciting things left now.

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      • Utd have won nothing yet, this season Utd have been average in too many games, so although we are capable of winning the games left we are also capable of losing a few and drawing a few, so even if we win on Mon night we will only be 5 points ahead and if city win their remaining games, meaning they win on April 30th against us, we cant afford any slip ups otherwise it could come down to goal difference.
        Although I do think its now in our hands and we should win it.