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    It NEVER evens out. Here's the Proof

    As you can see clearly in the below error-adjusted league table folks, manUre and Arsenal were neck-and-neck on 71 points in 2010-11 season, with the former winning the title on goal difference.

    Confidence is everything in football. And things could have been different if manUre didn't gained 9 undeserved points in the title run-in over Arsenal which turned out to be crucial in the end.

    For more Information and Expert Analysis of the ADJUSTED 2010-11 EPL Table, see link below:


    It NEVER evens out, FACT!.

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    • thats a rubbish table. just someones opinion which is debatable & also it leaves out so many other factors & decisions.

    • And yet there was a table referenced on another thread which claimed to have corrected the points scores for wrong decisions. While there were very few changes in position (Chelsea above Spurs was one) what it claimed was the teams in the top half should have more points on the whole and the teams in the bottom half fewer points.

      One explanation for this could be referees reluctance to award penalties. If all teams are treated equally then refereeing reluctance to award penalties is likely to hurt the better teams more.


    • the evening it self out argument is 1 of the most unlikely things u will ever hear.

      the chances that every team get exactly the same amount of wrong decisions for & against is very long odds!

      the bigger u are, the more likely u are to get wrong decisions in your favour.

      when we are at home to say wigan, i expect we are more likely to get a wrong decision in our favour than wigan are.

      when we are away to utd, i expect we are more likely to get a wrong decision against us & in utds favour.

      its human nature to side with the more bigger powerful option.

    • " So stop with all this stupid nonsense already" Agrees with raj. I will quote slayer/deeprick " If the ref says it's a penalty, it's a penalty". If he didn't , it wasn't.

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      Are you saying you're a racist slayer, just because you call people nigger? After all, that's YOU in my avatar.

    • So, even if the wild assumptions in the survey saw Utd lose 9 points (e.g. Gary Neville should have been sent off and that would have made Utd lose, instead of winning etc), then we would still have been champions.

      What a load of cr*p.

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      • "we would still have been champions."


        As I said further up the thread, 'confidence is everything in football'. By winning games manUre should have lost and deservedly so, it meant manUre's confidence were intact going into the next set of games and that gave them an unfair advantage over their title rivals. Just an example, in a match against Sunderland at the Emirates, Arsenal were wrongly denied a goal and a penalty and as a result dropped 2 valuable points at crucial stages of the title run-in.

        Sadly for others, manUre didn't have to deal with huge setback like that as they were the ones on the receiving end of most dodgy decisions which explained the 9 dubious points gained..

    • While my instinct is to agree that the claim that things even out is rather too complacent, your FACT based table is not that. rather it's a very problematic set of assertions.

      Take one match. It is claimed Gary Neville should have a second yellow and on that basis United wouldn't have beaten Stoke. There are two assertions there leading to a conclusion that United should have had two fewer points. I don't know the particular yellow but many yellow cards are rather arbitrary. Maybe the referee let him off the second because the first was a bit harsh, or maybe he had let off a Stoke player. Or maybe it wasn't a yellow. I don't know. And then asserting that with ten men United wouldn't have won is not a FACT, it's a guess.

      No-one, short of the omniscient, can know for a FACT. We can speculate, and do.

      It just encourages me to think that the sooner we improve the accuracy of refereeing decisions by sensible use of a video ref the better. It's improved rugby, cricket and tennis. It's time to improve football.