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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 2, 2012 07:40 Flag

    It NEVER evens out. Here's the Proof


    "This Tim Long must have a lot of time on his hands ..."

    "So he watches TEN games a week, replaying "big decisions" up to six times, that's over twenty hours of football"


    Don't be so judgmental, Rikky.

    This is nothing compares to the amount of time you spent cleaning up the Chelsea board.

    You didn't consider your efforts as a waste of time did you?

    At least give Tim credit for putting out a fair analysis of the big calls which blighted the game in recent seasons.

    ps, I'm chuffed that you now find my contributions on your board as valid, and not deleting just for the sake of deleting. Good on you mate!.

    I noticed that you're still displaying that racist avatar in your profile. This is the 21st century Rikky, not the 60s. The colour of one's skin shouldn't become an issue anymore. Isn't it time you change it into something which represents what you really stand for, not this small-minded racist pr#ck?

    Times they are a changing, Rikksy, as Dylan once sang.

    Enjoy the rest of your day Down Under, mate. I look forward to your reply.