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  • Clive Clive Apr 8, 2012 23:14 Flag

    Another average performance again

    We were not just lucky today with a pen and QPR player sent off, but have been bloody lucky all this and last season for the fact the other title contenders keep self exploding, including city.
    If this current Utd squad were transfered back into the 2009 season or earlier we would struggle to finish second in the league.
    There is no leadership out there, no desire to always give 100%, through the majority of games the majority of players have given only 60%, constantly relaxing, going into comfort zone.
    Its lazy and any player doing that does not deserve to wear the Utd shirt.
    And the crap excuse that players get tired wont wash, let then do a month on a builing site, then they will know what tiredness is all about.

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    • Clive, just ignore Navy Seal Pishtopher, he's an internet gobshyte who gets ripped a new one whichever board he starts posting his nonsense on!

      The likes of him, slaphead Harris, Rikky Butch, Devon etc are all a bunch of pathetic Man U plastics who are little more than a laughing stock to others on these Yahoo discussion boards.

    • Come and teach me, with you as a teacher i will soon be calling people far worse than a prat or an idiot, you normalling start off with w@nker, c unt, f-ing this f-ing that.
      You a weak little coward who wont jump on anyone unless jim, ian or devon are, grow some balls.

    • Clive, you sound like a nasty, vindictive w@nker with a chip on your shoulder, you need anger management, Jesus obviously isn't helping, and who can blame him!
      If you had a tenth of Jims intelligence you might not sound so f*cking backwards. Make no mistake, it is YOU who is 'dumb', you sound slightly ret@rded actually, and if that is the case then I apologise.

    • Capt Marvel only indestructable

    • For me we need a midfielder who can take game by the scruff of the neck, I have not seen that type of player at Utd for a long time

    • agree Evans i midfield doesn't leap to the mind, but defensive captains arn't that rare bruce and buchan immediately come to mind, but Evans is entirely unproven as a leader as yet, was just commenting on his growing willingness to have his say. I wouldn't go into mourning if Nani ent but I'm not sure we'd get our moneys worth out of trading him to fund buying someone in, a left footed Valencia would be useful even better with some right footed ability too would be a bonus.
      I'm stretching a bit here but perhaps a left sided Valencia may just cover for Evra's shortcomings ( I know I'm in for a slating after that thought)

    • "Valencia and Young are more likely to track back and defend than Nani,"

      If ever proof were need that you know fuck all about United, that statement proves it.

      Nani is ALWAYS tracking back, and always clearing out of the box.

      You should stick to worshipping make-believe deities!

      As to suggesting he should be sold, you're a fucking idiot!

    • Well its far too early to see if Jones has the leadership abilities, and in his games in midfield he has some good and some poor games, so I would say we need to bring someone in, in the summer, in that role until Jones is ready to carry that role by himself.
      At one point we were hoping DF would be playing that role, but no.

    • Fergie keeps saying (apparently) that Jones is the future captain.
      It will be interesting to see Jones' position next season. Fergie may see him as a def-midfielder and play Smalling and Evans centre back depending on Vidic and Ferdinand's availability.

      Although he does seem to want to play either at RB when Rafael is injured/banned.

    • Alan, to me the one to replace Scholes and lead by example is Rooney, he has all the ability and the attitude, and in so matches you see him in midfield so often anyway.
      With regards to Nani, I agree, but, I was talking to a Utd fan the other day and discussing if Nani should be sold, as with him we have 3 right footed wingers and apart from an aging Giggs, no left footed winger, Valencia and Young are more likely to track back and defend than Nani, its in their game and Nani could raise the funds we need to get the quality we need to bring in.

      As to Evans being a leader, maybe, but it seems Utd need a leader in a midfield role, who can influence defence and attack, so whether Evans can play as a defensive midfielder is the question, and I don't think that is likely.

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