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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj Apr 10, 2012 10:57 Flag

    Arrogant posters

    LOL!!! Alan Hansen. The guy who just 3 months ago predicted that City would win the title at a canter (WRONG) and win the League Cup (WRONG!!) and predicted LIVERPOOL to win the title in 2008/2009 right after we had won the European Cup (WRONG again).

    We don't have to know more about football or winning titles to have our own OPINIONS. And that's all Hansen (plus Sky, BBC etc. etc.) does; give opinions. And the fact that almost 90% of his predictions turn out to be jack shit really emphasises how much the game changed from when Hansen was winning titles in the 70's and 80's. In footballing terms, he's a dinosaur. He probably can't appreciate that expensive, world class signings in a shambles and unbalanced squad is no match for a balanced and united squad like Manchestr United.

    If you want to belive that, if we win our 20th League Title, it will be 100% down to other teams imploding then go right ahead. It's your opinion and you are entitled to it. But don't come on here calling supporters like me "arrogant" for having a different opinion to so called "experts" like Hansen who have been getting it wrong for many a year. I reckon it is just sour grapes from these lot who are having difficulty fathoming how United just won't go away even with a so called inferior squad. I assume you would count Josep Guardiola as an "expert" right? This was the person who said Man United played better football since we sold United last year. Of course, you will just interpret this as mind games, but it was his opinion nonetheless.

    My take: I think we have a fantastic squad of players that will get better and better. In Valencia, I believe we have the finest Right Winger in the world (and just before you start frothing at the mouth, Ronaldo is no longer a winger). In Rooney we have one of the very best No.10's in the world and in Vidic we still have the world's best central defender. In Jones, Smalling and Cleverley we have some of the finest young players in England and in De Gea I think we have the future Spanish No.1 if he keeps improving the way he has. Then we have a tremendous set of backup/starting players in Nani, Ashley Young, Rafael and Chicharito who are all in their early to mid-twenties.

    If we can add one (perferably two) world class central midfielders to the squad next season then we will have a team to challenge for yet another European Cup.

    This is NOT the "worst United team in recent memory" by ANY stretch of the imagination, regardless of what sour dickheads like Hansen say.

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    • Good post raj.

      This United squad isn't half as bad as some make it out to be, like you say.

      We have a great set of young players in the squad that will continue to improve in the coming years, and still have a decent balance of experience to mix in with them.

      All that is lacking is that bit of star quality in the middle of the park that needs to be addressed this summer.

      Fergies spent the last 2 seasons reshaping the squad, and I expect that to continue in the summer. I'm sure we'll see a handful of fringe/elder players moved on like the last two summers. Kuszczak, Berbatov, Owen, Park, De Laet, and a few youngsters not looking like making the grade could go.
      I see 2-3 young (but with a bit of experience) players coming in, hopefully 1 or 2 of which will strengthen central midfield.

      This team isn't our best, but its far from our worst (despite the obvious disappointment in cup competitions this season) and it doesn't need much to become one of Fergies finest imo. The fact we managed to win title 19 last season and barring a disastrous collapse, retaining the title again this season, with all the injuries we've had is a great achievement while going through a bit of a rebuilding process.

      Make 2-3 good signings in the summer and we'll be in good shape for next season.

      If we can purchase some better luck for injuries, that wouldn't go amiss either! ;-)

    • EDIT: "This was the person who said Man United played better football since we sold RONALDO just last year before the European Cup Final."