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  • Clive Clive Apr 9, 2012 17:23 Flag

    Arrogant posters

    Is anyone other than Jim W arrogant enough to believe they know more about football and winning titles than Alan Hanson does?

    Yes Hanson has been wrong in the past and was wrong to say you cant win anything with youngsters, however in his experience at the time he and many others, most, believed the same, as it had not happened in their years of involvement in football.
    Its not only Hanson that has said this Utd squad is not that strong, that this Utd team has many issues and failings, all those on football programmes on the BBC, ITV and Sky have said the same, as well as a few on here, Stefan and Steve, mainly.
    But there are those like Jim who think they know better than all those ex players, managers and commentators.

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    • " All these plastics" ? I started supporting United long before you, or Fuhrer stefan even knew the club existed clive. Most posters on here have supported United before you and the Fuhrer knew the club existed.

    • I agree with most of that, but I also think we really need a real leader in midfield, since losing Keane we have slowly become a team that settles early in games for a 1-0 win, allows the other team to come at us until they score and gets sloppy with passes far too often, a leader in midfield would soon sort that out.

    • Clive, I'm of a similar opinion to Fergie himself who has privately intimated that the speed of passing is not yet high enough. This is due to the lack of quality in the middle, and the pressing isn't quite as it should be. I don't want tiki-taka Barca passing, but I do want a more varied attack which sees us being more progressive in the centre, with greater combination play rather than simply relying on attacks from out wide. In fact, I think by rectifying this, it would help our wingers out a fair deal, as they might not be so tightly marked. In short, I don't want a 6 + 4 team which we have at the moment; I want one mobile unit (we lack mobility in the middle) which attacks and defends. Ie. a central midfield which passes....and moves. At the moment we have a central midfield which passes and stands still.

      I do think we need to be a little patient and wait to see what Fergie does this summer. Really the midfield should have been sorted a long time ago, but it may yet be done this summer.

    • I agree.
      So Stefan what you think is wrong, if anything, with the way we play?

    • Let's be clear Clive, I don't agree with much of what you have to say. I'm somewhere in between you and the rest. But I'm not going to shout you down or tell you that you have no right to hold that opinion. If 'they' were to have their way, this board would become as one sided as North Korean TV.

    • You tell him Stefan.
      All these plastics that jump on the back on anyone who dares say anything less that wonderful Utd, they are the people who started to say that supported Utd once we started to win the titles.
      They dont realise that this site is about messages about Man Utd, they think its all about the plastics.

    • But of course Ian doesn't insult anyone and accepts alternative opinions. In short, he practices what he preaches. Well according to himself anyways.

      We must all be communicating in different languages. I've tried directing them to a dictionary Clive, but the noun 'hypocrisy' still seems to be misunderstood.

    • most of who, thought who, would win what ?
      if you care to rummage around you won't find any presumption on that front from me, so who doesn't get what?

    • Clive. back then I wouldn't admit liverpool were a better side because I only believed in out and out attacking football but what i did notice back then was that we had a less fit team during much of the 70's you could say Liverpool out fitnessed us but oh what glorious attacking football and we were loved for it even by other clubs fans. Yes I suppose I don't want us to go back us to drop back to a no man's land like we were before so close, but couldn't say we were really there. We didn't adapt quick enough to the new defensive game that emerged and i could say I'm afraid we don't adapt quick enough to deal with such money coming into the game and how it will cause a vacuum for good players

    • Oh it was a joke, well you know as much about humour as you about Utd, naff all.
      But as I said you take the p only because you have no other way of destroying the points raised.

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