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  • Not really.

    You should put aside your manUre bias and look at this issue from the perspective of the smaller clubs SLAYER. Wrong decisions in matches have a huge financial bearing on the survival of the small clubs like Fulham, QPR, Wigan, etc.

    According to Al Fayed in today's paper, one of the owners of a smaller clubs, said and I quote "The losses that we incur from such careless decisions have a huge impact and can have calamitous consequences. Referees are all too easily influenced by the more powerful clubs and individual owners which calls into question the integrity of both them, and the governing body that they report to."

    As well as going down to the lower league due to forces beyond their control, there's a risk of going out of business too.

    It's NOT always about manUre SLAYER, try and reason with the small clubs.