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  • Inter city Inter city Apr 12, 2012 13:09 Flag

    Giggs talks sense, you should try it!

    “We didn’t perform,” said Giggs. “For a start, our normal passing game wasn’t as fluent and we kept giving the ball away. Obviously, you’ve got to give credit to Wigan. They put us under a lot of pressure, especially early on and credit to them as well. They worked hard, but that [being closed down] is something we come up against quite a bit, so it’s not an excuse not to be able to handle that. We just didn’t keep the ball like Manchester United usually do. I think we only had one or two shots on goal and that’s also disappointing, so we have to look at the game and work on it and get ready for Sunday.”

    Some of you need to calm down, this is football, games like this happen. This is a young team still growing, we're not yet the team of the 90's, but we'll get there soon enough. If you dont likwe it, support your local team, because those of us that actually go to games and are from Manchester, dont want you. Vincentalis, Ksitten, jog on, you're idiots, you're not wanted.
    The title will be close, it was never a done deal, just calm down and enjoy.
    It could be worse, you could support Liverpool or Arsenal. City cant even sell their stadium out in their best season since 68. Newcastle have sold their stadium name. United just keep delivering.
    Even the Glazers turned up last night!

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