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  • Inter city Inter city Apr 12, 2012 14:43 Flag

    Giggs talks sense, you should try it!

    The only 'plastic' here Clive is you, and everyone knows it. Have you even been to a United game?

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    • everyone knows a hardcore fan is just that.
      they dont go round telling everyone they are a hardcore fan.

      everyone knows the hardnut who know one messes with.
      he doesnt need to go round telling everyone how hard he is.

      equally, everyone knows the guy who trys so hard to act hard & tell everyone all the made up hard stuff he has done.

      u icj, are the 2nd one in this list in terms of how much of a utd fan u are.

      icj, it comes across as desperate the way u want everyone to know what a true fan u are. if u were a true fan, u wouldnt need people on a internet board to know it.

      its pretty ironic your on a football message board telling people what a hardcore true fan u are!