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  • Clive Clive Apr 16, 2012 09:09 Flag

    If Young is a cheat what about Chelsea?

    John Terry clearly cheated after their 2nd goal was given, he celebrated the goal, although he admitted after that he knew it was not a goal.

    He is the club captain and was England captain, and in a time where players behaviour has been called into question, even his, honesty would have been refreshing, but not after the match.

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    • How about handling in the area robert ?

    • " Devon, your logic seems to suggest that two wrongs make a right here." So does yours steer. Suarez and Dalglish spring to mind for some Liverpool fans. I was absolutely disgusted with some Chelsea fans during the minute's silence for the Hillsborough anniversary though.

    • Robert, not my words, Andy Gray's words.
      Personally, I disagree with him and agree with you.

      The ref has to decide whether or not there was sufficient contact to deserve punishment. He is (generally) near enough to the action, so if he is unable to make a correct decision then he needs help of some kind.

      Everybody tries to ref the game retrospectively, when we need the game to be reffed as well as possible in live play.

      As I've said, Ashley Young has not broken any rules, merely done what he is paid to do, given the ref a decision to make. If the ref makes that decision wrongly, it's not Young's fault.

      People calling Young a cheat is just childish. imho

    • Think about it for a second. How can contact be enough? It is a contact sport. Players bump into each other all the time. Are you saying anytime there is contact between players a foul has been committed? By who? Anyone who watches football at all will know there are many situations of contact between players where no foul is given or should be given.

      Go and read the rules and come back when you can find one that says a foul is committed merely by there being contact between players. You won't find one. There isn't one. The notion is laughable.


    • Ok Robert, but according to Andy Gray at 0:25, if he is to be believed, in a link that YOU posted:


      ...says contact alone is enough.

      Is Gray right?

    • According to Devon, contact does equal a foul. He's said so several times and claimed there's a clear rule saying so. He's ignored each of my attempts to get him to justify this.

      I've not known him say that contact in the united penalty area on a striker deserves a penalty though.


    • Err why should it matter if its a freekick or a penalty? Or are you saying its ok to go down like a sack of spuds outside the penalty area but not if its inside? It doesn`t matter where it takes place you either accept its unfortunately become part of the game and everyone does it or you critise every player who does it every time they do it. Yes Young went down too easily but he was fouled and therefore a penalty was the correct decision. It would be nice if he tried to stay on his feet more often but until refs don`t decide decisions on the basis of whether a player goes down or not and simply on the basis that a foul has been committed players are going to go down. Young isn`t the first player to go down too easily and he won`t be the last and frankly the stench of fake moralising, usually by people who don`t say a word about the players in their team who go down too easily, is becoming overpowering.

    • why eve debate with devon, his best defence is others do it!

      i hope our criminal law doesnt start to follow that logic

    • "If Young is a cheat what about Chelsea?"

      What about Chelsea?

      Chelsea have a discussion board to discuss that issue, this is the Man U board where talking about Ashley Young's diving antics is perfectly acceptable without trying to take the heat off things by pointing the accusing finger at other football clubs.

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      • The point being made is everyone is acting as if Young and Young only goes down like he`s been shot at the slightest contact. At least there was contact unlike Carroll who went down against newcastle when Krul didn`t even touch him. Contrast the muted response by the press to that dive and their reaction to Young. Yes Young went down too dramatically but as SAF said there was contact and therefore it was a penalty. However,SAF`s words would suggest that he will tell Young to make a greater effort to stay on his feet because if you get a reputation as a diver you don`t even get the stonewall penalties that happen right under the ref`s nose. Just look at Suarez, his habit of going down at the slightest touch has backfired and in recent weeks he has been denied several genuine penalty claims.

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