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  • Old Rope. Old Rope. Apr 16, 2012 11:32 Flag

    If Young is a cheat what about Chelsea?

    Good point Clive,Terry and Mata clearly tried to influence the so called ref's decision by turning away in triumph.This though would be not classed as cheating,that's solely reserved for Young and others who clearly dive,ungentlemany conduct some may say.The same could be applied to those who claim a throw in when knowing full well it's the oppositions ball,advancing along the line for a throw in, and now we have the ball outside the corner area when taking a kick,when did that come in?The game now seems to be about gaining as many unfair advantages as you can.As usual all the governing bodies stay out of it,all you have to do is red card any type of dive,red card any pulling of shorts in the box and give a penalty,we might have games ending up of 8-9 a side but managers and players would sharp get the message.It's not just the foreign players who dive and feign injury nowadays,home grown ones have cottoned on over the years,but it's all unfair play and should be eradicated.

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    • It follows, then, that Utd were robbed at Wigan.
      1. Wigan scored from a wrongly awarded corner, as Phil Jones hadn't touched the ball. The Wigan striker probably knew that but said nothing.
      2. A Wigan defender clearly blocked the ball in the penalty area with his hand from a cross by Valencia. He obviously knew that but chose to say nothing.