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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 16, 2012 23:03 Flag

    If Young is a cheat what about Chelsea?

    devon, like it or not, Young is the biggest cheat in the EPL, FACT!!!

    He has managed to con the referees for 11 PENALTIES under 2 season, the Arsenal team have not had a single penalty awarded to us at the Emirates in a year, put the diving by this low-lifer cheat into perspective doesn't it devon?

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    • Typical abu, assuming that every penalty Young has been awarded was dubious. Perhaps you should have listened to Gary Neville on SKY, whilst not condoning Young`s behaviour he pointed out that every team has players who go down easily and as if to prove his point Rosicky went down under the slightest conatct in the opening minutes of the game tonight to win his team a freekick in a dangerous area. However, I would maintain that Rosicky had every right to go down, he had been fouled and if he had stayed on his feet the ref might have ignored the incident. And that is one of the main problems, players go down because if they don`t then often they don`t get the penalty/freekick which under the rules should be awarded to them for being fouled. Indeed if memory serves me right didn`t a top ref once tell the players that if they wanted to get decisions, which should be awarded to them, especially in the penalty area, they needed to go down. Indeed Neville showed one such incident from a recent game where a player was fouled twice in the area but because he stayed on his feet he wasn`t awarded a penalty. Those who accuse players who go down when there has been only slight contact seem very happy with the idea that those who have fouled them should be allowed to get away with it. As I`ve said before my definition of a dive is when a player goes down and there has been no contact. That doesn`t mean that I wouldn`t prefer that players didn`t go down as if they`d been shot but equally I don`t like the way players - both defenders and attackers - seem to have a licence to foul when it comes to corners and freekicks coming in to the penalty area. As far as I`m concerned that`s a bigger problem than players going down at the slightest contact, especially as now it seems to have graduated from just tugging at shirts to actually putting arms around opponents - and in some cases even wrestling them to the ground - and blocking them off.

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      • Comparing a clear foul on Rosicky to cheating by Olympics diver-cum-cheat Young shows that you don't know what you're talking about.

        Young has a reputation for cheating to win penalties (11 in 2 seasons), Rosicky doesn't, see the difference devon.

      • Devon, your logic seems to suggest that two wrongs make a right here. Just because other players have gone down, Young has the right to do the same thing? Surely if we are to be consistent, and I know you've had a go at divers who are not United players in the past, we should condemn all of them, not just those who don't wear the shirt of the club we support (and yes I did condemn Carroll for taking a dive at Newcastle).

        As for the second point, that players won't get decisions unless they go down, maybe you’re on firmer ground here. But is contact a foul? Just because two footballers touch legs does it mean one has fouled the other? The key I think you'll find is a question of if a player has been impeded or not. I do feel sympathy for players who are kicked, shoved, pulled and in various ways impeded, because they are not likely to get a call especially in the box unless they go to ground.

        But the simple question is, was Young impeded yesterday? Did the slight contact he received impede him in anyway? Few are denying there was contact, but contact does not equal a foul.