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  • jim w jim w Apr 21, 2012 15:49 Flag

    Newcastle players

    Plenty of envious glances at Athletic players from regulars on here. But what about Newcastle? There are 4/5 players in their team that should be included in any serious appraisal of targets. A couple of Frenchmen and an Ivorian potentially all play in the positions United are looking to improve.
    I don't think their financial position is such to withstand serious pressure.

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    • I think Newcastle have been playing at their higest level, next season they wont be doing anywhere near as well, or maybe they have had the miracle of a team gelling straight away and making each other play better.
      But either way its too early to look to judge the team or any of the players, lets see how they do next season when expectation is higher.

    • jim if newcastle could find £10 million to bring in Cisse in January I don`t think their financial situation can be that bad. And apart from Ba, who the press seem to think doesn`t have a long term deal, most of their best players seem to still have 2 or 3 years to go on their contracts so they don`t need to find the sort of money those players might start to ask for when their contracts come up for renewal. And should newcastle finish 4th they will need their best players if they are going to have any chance of getting through the initial qualifying stages and in to the group stage of the competition where the big money is.

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      • As much as I can't stand Mike Ashley he has Newcastle United running on a self-sufficient basis, there's no longer debt at the club, no money mercenaries like Michael Owen on silly wages and should anyone push their luck and demand more money the club doesn't bend, they just sell them on as Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll discovered the hard way.

        As for contracts that mu-devon was wittering on about, most players are tied to club for 5 years, so if anyone does want to buy them, then they're going to have to cough up big money for them, Mike Ashley isn't stupid.

        The only players not on long term deals at the moment are Ba and Tiote, but I'm sure the prospect of european football next season and the great feeling of comradery within the squad will soon have them putting pen to paper soon enough.

      • What's to say theres going to be a shortage of teams looking at their players ? It's not as if theres a shortage of cash around europe with their recently obscenely rich owners who could tempt newcastle