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  • Defensively he is very very poor, going forward he is bad.
    Oh I know he is young, but he is making schoolboy mistakes all the time in defence, ball watching for the 3rd and 4th Everton goals, we need to forget about getting another left back and get a right back instead and loan both de silva brothers out.

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    • Schools out ah.
      So Fergie signed Evra to attack but plays him at left back, would that not prove that Fergie buying a left just to get another attacker shows that Fergie lost it years ago?
      Or was Fergies intention to get a player who can attack and defend, and maybe know when to do both?

    • I don't agree with Clive totally, but I do agree we need backline help. Rafeal would be a better midfielder than right back. And why wouldn't SAF change the system after going up 4-2? 3 points were more important than scoring more goals. Should've dropped Carrick back in front of the backline. If we lose next Monday, it is on the players and SAF that we lost the title because of poor decisions.

    • Pathetic Clive, as always. Rafael's developing a great understanding with Valencia, and on the whole is developing nicely, which will see us reap the rewards in the near future.

      All you glory boys want a quick fix solution to everything, if you impatient tw@ts had your way, you'd be selling and signing half the team away every week! You're clueless, face it.

      With the pace they possess, combined with Valencia's work rate and willingness to help out, as-well as Rafaels incessant desire to get forward, its safe to say that the right side is taken care of for the foreseeable future.

      You've got EVERY criticism you've made wrong since you've joined, add this one to the list!

      How was Welbeck yesterday? Clearly Fergie favours Berbatov and Hernandez!


    • I'm sorry to say Clive that you are talking nonsense. He's basically excellent going forward and is ever improving from a defensive point of view.

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      • Stefan,
        Firstly I left out a word, Going forward he is not bad.

        But for you to say he is excellent going forwards is crazy, his crossing is ok, at best, 1 in 7 is a good cross; His shooting is poor. His support of the winger is very good, but so was Jones as right back.
        Defensively last season many said he was awful, so yes he is improving there; but he is still very immature as a defensive player, been found ball watching far too often.

        Loaning him out, with his bother will help him to improve, while not damaging his chances at Utd. If he keeps playing for us and making the type of mistakes he was making yesterday Fergie will lose patience with him.
        Stefan I dont hate the boy, and you and I were both over the top in our views on him, he is somewhere in the middle.

      • Oh look, I'm agreeing with Stefan again!

        Clive knows fuck all about football, Rio and Evans were responsible for not marking, that's their job, the third and fourth goals were totally down to them.

        Rafael was easily the best of the four defenders.