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  • I agree, he's far better than GNev at the same age. Brazilians aren't natural defenders generally, but going forward he's come along way this season. If he can stay injury free and get a whole season under his belt for once he'll be able to make some real progress.

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    • But Gary Neville could at least defend, going forward is not the most important thing about left or right backs, and with Evra being caught out of position so often we need a right or leftback who can defend when needed, otherwise we will keep getting caught out and letting in 3 or more goals.
      So Rafael needs to work on his defensive play, as that is his weakness and that weakness will cost us and him.

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      • Thats where you are once again wrong (becoming bit of a habit) Clive.
        After his first few games for us, Evra said in an interview that Fergie pulled him up at half time and barked at him 'what did I sign you for?', to which Evra replied, 'to attack'.

        You glory supporters can look that one up Im sure, but its common knowledge.

        GNev was not a great defender either at the same age, and only ever became competent because of his work rate. Rafael has talent that even Gary admitted 'frightened him' as it signalled the end of his career.
        Schools out Clive.

      • Clive have you forgotten how many times Gaz got caught out in his early career ?
        I see plenty of good defending by him, although yes he must keep on learning.I want to see more of fabio getting match time, as he's fallen behind because of his injuries, he should get the less demanding games over Evra unless loaned out to gain the same kind of experience