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    Anyone get flashbacks to Yorke-Cole when they combined for Rooney to score?!

    I still think Welbeck is two years away from showing us a complete player, but it will be well worth the wait.

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    • It was a shame the match had to end in the complacent way that it did, because it overshadowed a great performance by Welbeck and Rooney.

      Danny still has plenty of room for improvement, but I am more than happy with how he has settled into his first full season as part of the first team squad. His goal at the weekend was excellent. He's rightly first choice partner to Rooney. I hope he starts next Monday and Fergie resists the temptation to throw an extra man in midfield.

      Our third and fourth goals were excellent to watch. Some of our attacking and link up play between the front two and Nani was superb. The fact we screwed the end up just summed up our season for me. Moments of brilliance combined with complacency.

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      • Welbeck is developing nicely. With his back to goal , he is superb, when facing goal, he's not so good yet, especially when running on to the ball. Still think he has some growing and coordination issues to sort out, as he is so much better at receiving the ball to feet than having it played into space, but he's definitely the best all round centre forward we have. He'll only get better. For a first full season in the team, his goal tally is, contrary to what many have said, very good. He should aim for 18 to 20 next season.

    • " What's that got to do with the topic being discussed, slaphead Harris?" Everything Deeprick.

    • So you think me asking you a simple question the 'banter of a 12 year old" layla ? Why's that ?

    • You'd know all about that now wouldn't you Layla? You're not exactly the most witty of posters, you post like you are still in your teens.

    • It was a good goal and good vision and movement, but only one goal, so a bit too soon again to get excited and Chico was playing well with Rooney as well, even Berbatov had his moments with Rooney. Rooney therefore being the key, he started the move and finished it.

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      • It wasn't just one goal, it was one wonder goal and two assists. An all round excellent game by Danny, is it any wonder Rooney said Welbeck should be Uniteds player of the year? Next you'll be telling us you know more about this current team than Rooney.

        Rooney's game has been poor all season, but as long as he keeps scoring tap ins put on a plate for him people will overlook this. Berbatov had moments with no one but himself. That was the problem, even off the pitch he's known for keeping to himself. Ta ra Dimi.

    • i still cant believe how old he is & he acts like this?!

      its the banter of a 12yr old.

    • I was looking at Welbeck and almost seeing Coley with a little development to come, but some things Coley didn't have, he's certainly developed this season, If it continues he could really be something. Rooney seems to be getting some more maturity, hope that continues also

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      • Welbeck ended the game with a goal and 2 assists - he was the one who provided the final pass for Nani`s goal. His hold up play is also very good and he can be very difficult to knock off the ball - in that respect he reminds me of Kanu in that just as you think he`s lost the ball he emerges with it. As for Rooney I think one of the signs of his new maturity was the restrained way he celebrated his goals against his former team.

    • Yes , because of the defensive lapses, most have overlooked the tremendous game Welbeck had. Made two goals with super movement and passes and scored a beauty. If he was Spanish or Brasilian he would be lauded on high. But because he's a Manc he comes behind a London-based RB as 'young player of the season'.

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      • "But because he's a Manc he comes behind a London-based RB as 'young player of the season'. "

        Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't all out to get you.

        How about people felt Walker deserved to be Young Player of the Season? I see he's played 50% more than Welbeck. And if Aguerro was in for it too, maybe he should come higher than Welbeck? He's scored more than twice as many goals.

        "Because he's a Manc" doesn't mean he has to be given a trophy. There's a world outside.