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  • Inter city Inter city Apr 24, 2012 07:49 Flag

    Building with Youth

    Fergie has hinted on how he'll approach the market this summer. At least 3 will be signed, and seeing as we know Hazard was looked at, and Gaitan rumours wont go away, its safe to assume the left will be strengthening.
    With Anderson staying, and Pogba hopefully signing, Im not sure we'll be getting more than one potential first choice central midfielder.
    Upfront there will be some movement, Fergie's favourite. Berbatov going, Owen probably too. The question is Macheda, on loan again, 3rd time lucky, or will Fergie keep him, or offload him? My money is on him staying as 4th choice.
    There must be something happening at left back if Fabio is off on loan. I expect some unknown Costa Rican or Spaniard will be brought in as cover for Pat.

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