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  • jim w jim w Apr 30, 2012 22:43 Flag

    Well done City

    Fergie played the wrong team, but that takes nothing away from City. 3 weeks ago after the Arsenal game they were 'dead'. United have dropped points since, but it would have made no difference if City hadn't kept going.
    They won both matches in the league, United didn't get a shot on target tonight. I think they will beat Newcastle and then deservedly win the league. I dont like the idea of them being an 'Arab national team', its not right. But that should not detract from the guys on the pitch and the manager.
    Well played, especially two or three players who are the bedrock of their side who didn't cost a fortune like Hart and Kompany.

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    • I wouldn't clutch at the rapidly diminishing straw of financial fair play. If it is strictly enforced, you will be looking at a potential breakaway involving numerous clubs in England and on the continent. Legal experts consulted by City and others don't seem at all perturbed.

      As for squad size, City can dump a £100m worth of players without batting an eyelid, and then replace them with better players. This has already been demonstrated. I don't think having the richest owners is the best way of winning things, but that is the way it is and neither City or Chelsea fans are going to be disturbed by accusations of money buying trophies.

    • I agree, City are the best team in the country.

      I'd love to have Kompany (best defender in the PL), Hart and Toure. They are the spine of the team and we know that's what makes a team successful. Add to that Silva and Aguero and there is no wonder why they are so good. Hard for me to say but then again, not as hard as if I were saying this of a Liverpool team!

    • Yes, midfield needs work, Fergie has proved that over the hill caqn still contribute (though not for 90 mins game in game out, so the game in game out players have to be physically robust whether younger or bought in needs to be sorted NOW but the Older player need to be a supplement not what we depend on. I think that after this season shhitty will be stronger next season and unless we win this season then we might as well say next season will be out of reach because everyone will be determined to be stronger to take on the blues and the blues will have a mental edge. Whether "fair play" makes a difference remains to be seen, Fergie will have to stand up to the Glazers and call it like it is, The trouble with talking about goodbye Fergie is that a new BIG manager could through youth development out of the window and we will then drop down the league because we can't afford insane transfer fees

    • Don't you believe it.Spurs Babe.. s*itty will beat the geordies,because they are solid & strong,unlike us who lost there 3-0.

      Even if they get a draw against the geordies,Utd beat swansea.
      Utd will still blow it against s,land with proberly a draw.

      United cannot deal with corners,balls put into the goal area,defenders too slow,wooden.

      Like i have said,this Utd team cannot be trusted.brittle,collapse,players too weak,ball watching& dont like tackling.

      Sorry but true.Just need better stronger 6ft players,not more midgets.

    • im a huge fan of sandro! i think he is going to be really good for us. he is very good at tackling,tracking back etc but can also dribble & has some good attacking attributes.

      yaya is all round a better player of course.

      as stefan says, sandro needs to work on his composure on the ball when pressured. but thats not to say he cant improve on this.

      parker would have been a great stop gap for utd. still cant believe we were the best team to go for him.

      i still think city wont beat geordies so its still utds title unless u slip up at sunderland which is very unlikely as they have all gone on holiday already!

    • 1. there is the little matter of the financial fair play rules. city may have been given time to get expenditure in line with income but uefa do expect them to start reducing the gap

      2. even city have to obey the fa rules on the size of squads

      3. just because the papers claim that utd and city are after the same players doesn`t mean they are

      4. utd are in the CL

      5. utd`s recent history will still attract players

      6. even city will face competition from the likes of barcelona and real madrid for players

    • I disagree Clive. They're fairly similar - Toure is just an awful lot better and has a great deal more control to his game. We need someone like him which is why the likes of Martinez, Strootman and M'Vila have been mentioned.

    • I disagree Clive. They're fairly similar - Toure is just an awful lot better and has a great deal more control to his game. We need someone like him which is why the likes of Martinez, Strootman and M'Vila have been mentioned.

    • Toure is a better defender than Sandro will be, but Sandro is a more attacking midfielder.

    • Sandro isn't as good as Toure and never will be - he just lacks the composure in the pass. Yaya showed tonight why he was once such an important component at Barca. We're lucky that City hasn't yet complemented its central options with world class wingers because then they would be truly dominant.

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