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  • Old Rope. Old Rope. May 1, 2012 18:48 Flag


    Button it,they have won fuck all yet,and even when they finally do, it will take decades to get anywhere near the amount of titles and cups united have in the cabinet.

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    • Its like utd and liverpool - when SAF made his comment about knocking the scousers of their perch, it didn`t mean just winning the title but utd becoming the dominant team in England and that is something that takes years. .

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      • Why do you continually misrepresent what your manager said? It is pure historical revisionism to insinuate that Ferguson had any inkling of the amount of titles he would eventually win. He still expresses amazement at what he has achieved at United. He made the comment when he first arrived at United, but by the time Ferguson won the League, Liverpool were already in decline with managerial instability, etc. By the nineties Leeds, Blackburn, and even Aston Villa were more of a threat than Liverpool.

        Do you think City fans are bothered that United have more silverware? The intention since the owners arrived has been to win the EPL and to win the CL, and to initiate a power shift in Manchester, which is now happening. Whereas United fans can look forward to a future with somebody like Moyes as a manager, with a team of mostly average players desperately fighting to finish in the Top 4. Soon you won't need knocking off your perch as you are going to be a dead parrot.....

    • Al Avit, the question begins with, "Which IS..." not "Which WAS.."

      Now give it a think before posting next time, eh?