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  • Neil Neil May 3, 2012 12:37 Flag

    Ten Players to offload...

    I am in agreement with this article on the caughtoffside.com site.


    Do you agree?

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    • Anderson - probably agree. I still like the bloke, but it just looks destined to never really happen for him here. Its a shame, because he does have the makings of a very good midfielder, but serious injuries every year have really hampered the chances of him ever realising that potential. It probably is the right time to cut our losses with him.

      Berbatov - agree. Nothing more to discuss with him.

      Pogba - disagree. I don't like how long the lad has dithered over a new contract or the lack of commitment there, but he does have great potential and if he decides to stay, then great. It does seem more likely he will go to Juve though. I think he would have signed by now if he was going to stay.

      Fryers - again, disagree. It seemed likely he would go this summer, but Fergie mentioning him among other reserves as one to go out on loan next seasons suggests a deal may have, or at least be close to being agreed for him to stay.

      Kuszczak - agree, thats a given.

      Owen - agree. He was worth taking on but the man just can't stay fit. There is no point to keeping him as he's never fit to offer anything.

      De Laet - agree. Failed to live upto a lot of early promise.

      Macheda - Undecided with Kiko. I'd be inclined to maybe give him one more shot at having a successful loan spell for the whole season.

      Bebe - agree. Not as awful a player as many made him out to be, but clearly not good enough to play at our level.

      Park - agree. He's offered very little this season and his third lung looks like its starting to give up on him. With it seeming likely Fergie is looking to bring in another wide player this summer, he is surplus to requirements.

    • Agree except for Pogba and Fryers. Keeping Pogba is of course up to the kid himself but he is a talent. We will definitely need 2 central midfielders if he leaves. We probably need 2 anyway. I'd be glad to see Anderson start afresh somewhere else and deliver on his early potential even if it means we don't get the benefit of it. I don't think it will ever happen for him here. Moving to a club like Valencia or Atletico Madrid would be good for him.