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  • A Yahoo! User May 3, 2012 15:27 Flag

    Ten Players to offload...

    We should keep Anderson, he gives us something in midfield we don't get from anyone else, so until we sign someone in that position, better than him, he should stay, he still has great potential.

    Pogba and Fryers need an ultimatum, take what you're offered or go, as an example to all the other young players ... it should be made clear that they prove themselves first, then they can talk money.

    I'd add Giggs, Carrick, Fletcher and Evra to that list, and keep Fabio here.

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    • Great potential.. we've been waiting to see it consistently since his first season form.

      If Anderson and Cleverley had stayed fit and in the early-season form, I think we'd have wrapped up the PL by now. Big IF. I didn't really expect that to happen as Anderson just hasn't shown that sustained hunger and Cleverley was either going to get injured, tired or both in the latter stages.