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  • Andy Andy May 10, 2012 22:44 Flag

    Financial report ; for all fans and ABUs

    So united are the most solvent and city are the least solvent. City have a squad that are good for a few seasons..united might have to give Keano a call if the so-called "stars" of Cleverly, Jones, Wellbeck and Smalling dont improve.
    Citys owner puts his own funds into the club...uniteds takes it out...and hopefully next year the new chanpions will have (for the first time since ive been alive) actually earn more funds from the FA/UEFA than united...happy days.

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    • " Citys owner puts his own funds into the club.." Does he ? Maybe he should put his funds back into his country . City are less solvent, especially if it's sugar daddy gets bored.

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      • Andy you seem to have a problem in understanding what solvency means. To be solvent a club`s expenditure needs to be the same or less than the revenue they generate - funds supplied by a sugar daddy don`t count. Revenue generated by a club isn`t subject to boredom, death or political upheaval - sugar daddies can be. The situation in the Middle East is to say the least volatile and you have to wonder what would happen to city if it became politically necessary fro their owners to spend less money abroad? abus go on and on about utd`s debt but the bottom line is that if things did go pear shaped for the Glazers the club`s huge revenue would make it easy for them to find a buyer. Whereas the gap between city`s revenue and expenditure would make that task much harder should the need ever arise.