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  • jim w jim w May 13, 2012 10:08 Flag

    Fergie on 'midfield'

    Never had a 'holding' midfielder in 25 years at United, don't see a need for one. Carrick will increasingly take Scholes' role, getting better with maturity, never seen him and Scholes get overrun in a game, they were our two best players against City.

    Well there you have it.Only Kagawa and Clyne this summer?

    Mentioned the Keane brothers and Tunnicliffe from the reserves.

    I think we can discount most of the press/media 'targets' as very unlikely.

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    • How about Johnny Evans in that role? He's looked pretty good going forward from time to time. That position should also cure him of a nasty ball-watching habit.

    • I was going to post about this article as I was a little bemused, confused by some of Fergie's comments. Particularly on the 'holding midfielder' role.

      Am I wrong but wasn't Keane more of a holding midfielder in the latter stages of his Utd career? I know he was a box-to-box midfielder when we bought him but he slowly developed into what I think most would call the ultimate defensive-midfielder.. Which i think most would say is the same as a 'holding' midfielder?!!!

      Also I thought Hargreaves was bought to be that same style of player? His workrate and style was more akin to a holding player than an attacking one. Wasn't it?!

      I see his point about not necessarily needing a holding player but question the Barca comparison (Xavi and Iniesta) when they usually have Busquets playing behind them in a more 'holding' or withdrawn midfield role.

      More and more comments from Fergie have baffled me and I'm starting to wonder if he's papering over the cracks and not wanting to destroy morale by lending support to Carrick and co?

    • "Carrick will increasingly take Scholes' role, getting better with maturity,"

      Alzheimer's, or having a joke?

    • talking of Robson,Keane and Butt,all were tireless box to box players who could defend when necessary and attack when the opportunity presented itself.None were what is now termed as Defensive midfielders.

    • The more you run him down Slayer, the more we know that either:

      A) You've never seen him play (a given seeing as you only watch Francenal on Matchcast FFS!)

      B) You're worried, because you know how good this guy is.

      Park seems to be past his best now and on the periphery, we need an upgrade to keep the Billion$ coming in from the Asian glory hunters.

      From what I've seen of Kagawa, he's a better version of Nasri, he's got the lot, looks to score and create. He'd fit right in at Francenal, he's certainly better than dross like Gervinho, Yossi and Theo, but unfortunately you can't compete in the transfer market with Mansfield, let alone Man United, and the guy is a winner, so its a bit of a 'no-brainer' on who to choose between!!!

      DIABY = 'Like a new signing'



    • Come off it Chris, Kagawa ISN'T going to make much difference or exactly what manUre need to stiffen your porous midfield.

      Of all the 5 sides (the magpies included), your midfield has been shown to be the weakest in recent seasons.

      You're DELUDING yourself if you believe that a bog-standard midfielder like Kagawa would make much of a difference for your team's porous midfield next season.

      A club the size of manUre should be shopping for world class players like Sneijder and the likes. If this signing goes through as it's looking more likely due to dire strait manUre are in, it gives more ammunition people like Kitten who have been saying that Fergie has lost the plot.

      Put simply, Kagawa is a midtable signing and he's not good enough for manUre.

    • 'Robson was a mix of Keane and Scholes'

      Are you talking about Keane and Scholes in their peak, or when they got old?

      All three of them played deeper when their legs went, but none ever played the Makalele holding role. Keane was box-to-box, all through his twenties, you clearly never saw him either.

      You bible bashing buffoons do amuse me!

    • So Keane and Butt and Robson never played as a holding midfielder for Utd.
      Sorry to say but if Fergie truly believes what he is saying then he needs to go now, before he totally mucks up his reputation and goes from Utd builder to destroyer.
      This season has clearly shown we need real strengh in our midfield and someone who can battle and hold the line.
      And Carrick taking Scholes' role is stupidity, Carrick has never been that consistant or good.

    • Someone obviously never told Carrick that.

      Oh dear. Well I hope he's bluffing. No point buying Kagawa if there's no one to get the ball to him high up the pitch to do his damage.

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      • I think he sees that as the job of Carrick, Anderson, Cleverley and if he recovers, Fletcher, with Tunnicliffe now displacing Pogba as the kid mentioned. As I always suspected, Fergie will never change his view that the 2 central midfielders need to be box to box types. the only concession he ever makes is sometimes to have 3 across the middle, which is usually a withdrawn winger-type.
        He is just looking to 'update' Park with Kagawa, and draft in a young fullback to complement that area whilst Fabio is out on loan.
        My 'outside' guess is that he had an eye on a central attacker, but the Keane comments probably means thats gone away.

    • Thois won't do. It ain't emough to solve our problems.

      Screw Fergie. Seriously this guy deserves to be b*tch-slapped out of OT, along with the Glazers and the current directors. In fact, someone send 'em straight to hell.

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