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  • Come off it Chris, Kagawa ISN'T going to make much difference or exactly what manUre need to stiffen your porous midfield.

    Of all the 5 sides (the magpies included), your midfield has been shown to be the weakest in recent seasons.

    You're DELUDING yourself if you believe that a bog-standard midfielder like Kagawa would make much of a difference for your team's porous midfield next season.

    A club the size of manUre should be shopping for world class players like Sneijder and the likes. If this signing goes through as it's looking more likely due to dire strait manUre are in, it gives more ammunition people like Kitten who have been saying that Fergie has lost the plot.

    Put simply, Kagawa is a midtable signing and he's not good enough for manUre.