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  • Clive Clive May 13, 2012 14:40 Flag

    Is the future blue?

    From what has been said recently, that Fergie has discounted all the transfer rumours and has said he wants to bring the yough players into the 1st squad is the end of our years of glory over?

    Most on here, most football commentators and Fergie himself have said that our squad has weaknesses, but only Fergie seems to think we dont need to do anything or buy anyone to fix our issues.
    There are only 3 possible reasons for this:
    1) We and all in football are wrong, Utd are a perfectly wonderful strong squad and were just unlucky in all the games we struggled in or got beat in.
    2) We have no money to buy players and Fergie is just covering for the Glazers.
    3) Fergie can't see the issues, is in denial of them, and its time he stepped down.

    Either way it looks like City will take over as the dominate team and we will start slipping down the table, slowly or quickly; Unless there is some serious activity in the transfer market this summer, with the weak links going out and some solid quality players coming in.
    We have not been good this season, we have been lucky that other teams, like Arsenal, Chelsea and Pool have been more under par than us, next season those three could get there act together a bit more and that would most likely leave us finishing in forth place next season.

    If what we have heard is true we need to get our mindset back to the old days mindset, being grateful for anything we get, even just a carling cup.

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