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  • B4ts B4ts May 13, 2012 14:45 Flag

    Is the future blue?

    I would worry when Fergie eventually retires because at the moment he could field a team of day old chicks and they would give most teams in the Premiership a game.

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    • Fergie is someone all Utd fans respect and wishes him well, but its only a matter of time before he does step down and for the last few seasons we have got worse and he has not brought enough quality into the squad, and for the past four years we all knew that Giggs and Scholes would have to be replaced and yet they are still having to play because he has not brought in any players to replace them.
      So to me he needs to step down soon, before we get too far away from City's squad strengh, as it is likely that any new manager would not have a fortune to bring in new players and the worse we get the less likely it is we can get a decent manger when he finally goes.