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  • Clive Clive May 13, 2012 18:56 Flag

    Is the future blue?

    Jim w, put a thread on the other day stating that Fergie said all the rumours of the players Utd could be going for are unture and saying 'Well there you have it.Only Kagawa and Clyne this summer'?
    So I was responding to that, but also the fact all knew Scholes and Giggs needed to be replaced and our midfield is weak for years, and yet no players have been brought in to deal with those issues, so its not too likely those issues will be dealt with in the summer.

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    • I doubt very much if SAF spent the buildup to utd`s final game going through with the press every player utd have been linked with and denying that he`s interested in them.

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      • SAF as quoted on the official club site:

        “We’ve got one or two things we want to do,” revealed Sir Alex, when quizzed about the transfer market. “We know where we’re going. Yes, there are definitely specific targets. That’s what it is – you buy what you need to buy, if we can get it done."

        Yes he also said that the squad didn`t need `freshening up` but what did you expect him to say before the final game of the season? He`s hardly going to say anything that could damage players morale or team spirit. As for his comments about the youngsters, what`s wrong with saying that one or two of them look like they could break in to the 1st team next season?