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  • Mr Morgan Mr Morgan May 13, 2012 20:26 Flag

    Is the future blue?

    Jesus,they have won two fucking trophies in over 40 years and they are going to rule the world ,fuck off and come back with what Ferguson has clocked up in his time at United.

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    • Mr Plastic leather imitation.
      Its not about the two trophies won, its a major step for their team to win the prem, especially after a season where they so nearly lost it after throwing away a good lead, it will give them more confidence for next season, obviously, to most people.

      Plus they have a stronger, much stronger squad than we do, as well as the money to add more world class players whenever they want, whereas we have owners that have given us the present of huge debts and interest payments.
      And Fergie having past glories does not mean he can rebuild the team again with little money, young quality players jumping ship and City being able to pay higher wages, so mr plastic get your head out of the sand and see the reality.
      Didnt Busby's winning days end, or Liverpools dominance end, or no not in your little world.