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  • Eric Cantona Eric Cantona May 13, 2012 20:34 Flag

    Now I know how Bayern felt ...

    ... when we pinched the CL.

    We'll be back; Chelsea's money couldn't see us off and City's won't either.

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    • I thought that too.

      I expected City to win the title yesterday, but the way the day unfolded made it all the more gutting all over again.

      I started the day relatively calm as I expected nothing from QPR. Even when they took the lead at 1-2, I still expected them to lose. I've never watched the clock tick down in a game so much as I did yesterday, willing it to tick faster! It was only when the full time whistle was blown in our match that I started to believe we might just nick this, then came the two hammer blows in stoppage time. As soon as Dzeko scored their second I knew they would get another.

      I was an emotional wreck yesterday, I must admit. It was never going to be easy watching City lift their first Prem title (we all knew it would come at some point), but for us to have one hand on it yesterday and them to snatch it back in an all too familiar United way of doing things, hurt beyond belief.

      You have to be gracious in defeat in these moments and say well done to City, they were the better side this season and marginally deserved it. The way Fergie acted after the match also made me proud to be a red. There was no sulking, straight away he instructed all the players to go over to our travelling support and make sure the players showed their appreciation to them. (all except Michael Owen who sulked off straight down the tunnel that is).

      I have to say i'm incredibly proud of our team that we managed to take this title race all the way to the last minute of the season. With the loss of several experienced players last summer, the integration of several young lads to the squad, and all the injuries we suffered all season, namely losing our captain and rock at the back Vidic for most of it, to push City all the way and only lose it on goal difference was some achievement.

      Its disappointing to have lost this title, the mental scars of it will stick around for some time, but you can't win it every year. I'm still confident in the squad of players we have here, and i'm sure we'll come back strong next season ready for the fight of getting the title back. I still believe our squad as a whole is strong, it just needs that injection of quality in the middle of the first team adding this summer (if the Glazers loosen the purse strings enough). 3-4 signings needed this summer and we'll be ready to go.

    • We will only bounce back if Fergei and the rest of the present top administration at United were removed. We will NEVER win anything again with this present regime at the helm!!

    • Man City win the league. Well paid boys well paid.

    • 'We'll be back; Chelsea's money couldn't see us off and City's won't either.'

      What a load COMPLETE B0LL0CKS!

      If Abramovich had left his managers alone more United wouldn't have enjoyed half the success they have in recent years.

      Slur has been bloody fortunate. Half the time his real opposition have shot themselves in the feet.

      As soon as a club comes along that can truly compete on all levels with United guess what happens??

      GAME OVER Fergie.


      City are here to stay.

      Ferguson will slink off with a bottle of scotch and his tail between his legs ASAP.



      Much love Beaky!!

      FLAP AWAY...................................NOW!!!!

    • It feels bloody good from my end Rikky.

      And to top it off, City DELIVERED the hammer blow in Fergie time. PMSL!!!