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  • it was a more difficult chance than the one Carroll fluffed in the opening minutes of the game against Norway.

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    • welbeck is good & is going to get better.

      he did take his goal very well. but overall his finishing has been poor this season for utd. very low scoring rate.
      but his other attributes (holding the ball up, work rate etc( do make up for that.

      i couldnt see him making it a utd due to very little chances of playing what with rooney,berb,hernandez & even owen to compete with.

      but why the big debate on 1 friendly match. hazard was poor but which player do u know hasnt had a poor game.
      the real test to see how he does in the premiership will be his 2nd season in the premiership.

      as far the 32m thing. most players are well over priced.
      berb nearly cost the same quite a few yrs ago too.
      we wasted 15m on bentley.