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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jun 4, 2012 08:47 Flag


    What a COMPLETE C*NT Ferdinand is PROVING himself to be!!

    What part of 'YOU'RE SH!T' does he not understand??


    It's HILARIOUS!!!

    Not only that but it comes just as team mate Evra has been CAUGHT RED HANDED ......wiping his ASS with a team mates shirt....and then having a little SNIFF just to round things off.

    What is it with these HAS BEENS???


    Ons is MOST AMUSED!!!!


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    • Oh dear OH DEAR!!!

      Once these glory boys start WHINING they find it IMPOSSIBLE to stop, even if it means ratling off COMPLETE GIBBERISH in a PATHETIC bid to make themselves feel better.

      'his 81 caps tells us he is '


      All that tells you is he once earned 81 caps. Don't mean he still any good FOOL!

      CRIKEY! You'll be expecting Roy to call up Bobby feckin Charlton to the squad next!


      Rio is a HAS BEEN LA LA LA!!

      Much love.

    • oh dear pixie - we always have to excuse your ignorance - the point that you choose to ignore is WHY ferdinand was not selected by woy - and 'footballing reasons' does not explain it

      because woy has not selected ferdinand does not preclude ferdinand from being a 'GREAT INTERNATIONAL' - his 81 caps tells us he is

    • Actually the issue isn`t why Kelly for Ferdinand but why Kelly at all. Leaving aside the liverpool man`s inexperience Cahill is a central defender and Kelly is a right back. So why not callup someone like Shawcross who may be equally inexperienced at internationa level but has played far more premiership games.

    • Fabby got a point here. But this same point can be used with his loved pea shooters: How can Arsenal be considered in the "Big Four" when they haven't WON anything in 7 years??? Please explain this Fabby.......

    • "His name is Rio and he watches from the stands"

      Come on, even Fergie said Ferdinand was finished as an England international.

      Rio is over 30, injury prone and so up his own backside over the John Terry/Anton Ferdinand situation that "Woy" done the right thing leaving him out of the England squad.

      And let's not forget he couldn't just get over his own personal prejudice over the Evra/Suárez fiasco, man up and just shake Suárez's hand!

      The England squad is much better off without this stroppy Moanchester United hasbeen causing problems in the dressing room.

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      • If you`re going to quote SAF`s comments from the start of the season then you should also refer to those he made at the end when he said that Ferdinand should go to the Euros. And if being over 30 means you shouldn`t play for England then why are Gerrard and Terry in the squad. As I`ve said before if England are using the Euros to give young players experience then I don`t have a problem with Kelly being selected but if its because of the Terry incident its doesn`t look good from a PR point of view to take the player accused of racism and leave the brother of the alleged victim at home. Especially as some of Terry`s performances at the end of the season were dire, in the liverpool game in particular he looked past it