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  • stefan t stefan t Jun 5, 2012 10:53 Flag

    Kagawa signs!!

    Booked that psych assessment yet Jim?

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    • jim cracked ages ago stefan. just like ian,eric & chris long before them.

      jim goes on rants. ian just does 5yr old type playground insults.
      eric swears & loses his temper over nothing.

      seems like a good signing. i think jim has missed the point big time. we arent saying its always better to pay top dollar etc.
      the point is more & more big name players are turning down utd which rarely use to happen. apart from the not wanting to live in manchester reason.

      so is he going to play in the middle or behind a striker?
      if he plays behind a main striker, where will rooney play?
      if he is going to be CAM, who do u think will play well alongside him?a box to box CM, a DM or a possession CM.