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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Jun 5, 2012 18:24 Flag

    Kagawa signs!!

    No doubt(Kagawa) a good player..to replace Park???,but yet another midget to add to our squad.

    We should be able to come up to chelski & s*itty's players knees.

    So are we also going to miss out on that Crewe lad,with all Utd's dithering ???

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    • I see what you mean; his size was probably OK in the Bundesliga where no one is over 10 stone or 5ft 6ins.

      Kagawa is taller than Silva who found his lack of height a real problem last season.

    • What a daft post. If he was a central defender, i'd agree a lack of height could be a problem, but for an attacking midfielder I see no issue. As you mention City and Chelsea, how has Silva (5'7") done at City, or Mata (5'7") at Chelsea!? A lack of height ever a great issue for Scholes? (Also 5'7")
      You should be happy we've signed a quality player instead of coming out with daft ways to find some problem with this.

      Also, the transfer window has only been open 5 days, how many transfers have actually been finalised already by any club? There is no evidence to suggest United are dithering with regards to signing Powell. None of us know what they have been doing/are doing with any possible transfer negotiations.

    • Admit it...
      you're now a has-been club