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  • Steve Steve Jun 5, 2012 19:42 Flag

    Kagawa signs!!

    What a daft post. If he was a central defender, i'd agree a lack of height could be a problem, but for an attacking midfielder I see no issue. As you mention City and Chelsea, how has Silva (5'7") done at City, or Mata (5'7") at Chelsea!? A lack of height ever a great issue for Scholes? (Also 5'7")
    You should be happy we've signed a quality player instead of coming out with daft ways to find some problem with this.

    Also, the transfer window has only been open 5 days, how many transfers have actually been finalised already by any club? There is no evidence to suggest United are dithering with regards to signing Powell. None of us know what they have been doing/are doing with any possible transfer negotiations.

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    • Not doubting he's a good player,but we still need that bit of muscle in midfield.

      We might run into a brick wall of company,toure...terry etc,nor do i want us to keep being controlled in midfield by other teams.

      Yes..fast flowing pass & movement by Utd..sustained in the whole match& not just in spells..a bit like the Belgium team were against us.

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      • Despite the fact that Kagawa is undoubtedly a very good player, the question to be asked is whether United need a player like him to improve the team. Kagawa is primarily an attacker and United isn't really short of attacking options with the likes of Rooney, Welbeck, Chicarito, Young, Valencia and Nani. The area where United really need to improve is the middle of the field. Enforcers and playmakers are needed there to replace the lightweights and ageing players like Carrick, Giggs, Scholes.