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  • The player wants to leave Spurs, deciding after the Euros. The manager isn't getting his new contract when he wants, so making public noises ( as he often does). Of course Levy will be as obstinate as usual.
    However given Fergie's long-lasting 'love' of the player I think its highly likely he will try hard again in July.
    Not my first choice, but it does line up with several 'Fergie' statements. Don't need big guys in midfield, Carrick assuming more responsibility as the anchor man etc etc.
    Also apparently Barca are baulking at €12m for Alba which is about the number United wanted to pay for Baines, so maybe there is a way in there.
    All speculation with the most tenuous of threads, of course.

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    • Oh your so funny

    • Ah Deeprick, I thought there might be a link between you and alan.

    • Mind your own fucking business, Le Poof.

    • Reading through this thread, the only one ranting (and incoherently so) is you Alan!

    • Sounds just up Fergie's street. Any link to the rumour Steve? he was hotly tipped for a move to us a few months ago.

    • Steve, he's more of an all round midfielder - quite big and strong, excellent left foot, and mobile. I'm not sure how he would do in a midfield of a big club as the primary defensive presence though. There's a debate with the Dutch team atm about making the midfield more progressive by replacing De Jong with him, due to his superior passing ability.

    • I think he's clearly being ill advised by his agent for his own gains, a big pay day for sorting the transfer to Juve. He isn't going to get in the team over any of Marchissio, Vidal, Pirlo and Asamoah, he'd have a far better chance here. If he'd have shown some commitment to the club, I think he'd have had several more appearances last season for a start. A waste.

      What do you know about Kevin Strootman? Haven't seen enough to really form an opinion. Apparantly some Dutch reporter is claiming he's close to joining us for £11m. (probably bollocks)

    • I agree, Juve have become 'serious' again. There's a clear desire to consolidate league success and add European titles to that - they seem to be turning on the transfer hoover again, at least in Italy. Given that their strength lies down the centre, and they're adding to this, Pogba would be much better off with us. Hey ho, no brains.

      Yes I heard about Diame. He didn't seem much better than the likes of N'Zonzi at Blackburn.

    • But the fact that he is at United, under contract , means there is no cost involved. He can play that role when fit. I feel this is likely to stop Fergie paying a lot for an alternative, as he and we have seen ( for far too short a time period) Anderson playing this role as well as anyone else. Very very frustrating! Maybe its a question of mental maturity, maybe at 24yrs it can finally click?

    • Pogba must be a complete plank!
      Its quite obvious United's midfield needs a player with his supposed skills, yet Juve are talking about loaning him out.
      If he is being manipulated by his agent he deserves no sympathy of course.
      There was a pretty strong story that Fergie wanted to sign the lad at Wigan at the end of his contract, but then they found a 'hole in the heart' problem. So I guess this indicates a relatively 'unknown ( to us at least) may be bought for a modest fee.
      I would love to see Martinez but of course his fee would be bid up to £30m plus, I can't see Fergie ever going to this level for a position in the team that he has never seen as one of the 'vital ones'.

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