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  • Clive Clive Jun 15, 2012 08:36 Flag


    Before the end of last season we were all taking about the players we needed to bring in to make us stronger, to sort out our midfield.
    And we have so far brought in two players that most would never have considered, one 18yr old from Crewe and one Japanese player.
    And that might be it, all we bring in.
    Although both players may in fact prove to be good signings neither have excited the fans imagination or put any fear into any of our fellow challangers.
    And of course both might be flops.

    Does anyone really believe we are bring anymore players in? Anyone who may excite the fans?

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    • I'm really pissed by our lack of transfer activity. I know from what i see, Kagawa seems like a decent purchase, but we NEED bigger sisngings that will have the fans, and the footballing world as a whole, at the edge of their seats.

      ITo be honest the idea of watching a United game doesn't appeal to me anymore. Don't get me worng, i still love United to bits, but i'm dead sick and tired of the current owners and top management, especially Fergie. He's becoming more and more like Wenger has been over the past 7 years. Heck, even Wenger is showing more ambition and desire than him these days. Get him, as well as the Glazers and the current board right now as we will only continue to decline if they remain in charge!!

    • Moses has great technique while Jarvis darts down the wing and gets crosses in no matter the opposition - useful qualities.

    • and Bale.

    • Victor Moses and Jarvis from Wolves.

    • If you weren't CLEARLY a WUM (and sorry, you're a bit thick if you dont realise this still!), you'd be a hypocrite Clive, but your game has always been blatantly obvious!

      You talk about not getting ahead of ourselves all the time, making yourself out to be some sort of pragmatist, and yet the transfer window is barely open 5 minutes, we've signed two exciting prospects already from under our rivals noses, and you're here once again clutching at straws, desperate to find something to moan about!

      You're a PATHETIC 'brainless digger' Clive, nothing more, and you've been proven wrong about everything you've ever said, so please keep it up, you're becoming quite the lucky charm!

    • Ffs Clive, give it a rest! Its the middle of June, the Euro's are going on, and the transfer window is open for another 2 1/2 months. Its ridiculous to judge our summers transfer activity this early.

      Also, I guess you're clearly judging the Kagawa signing by the size of his transfer fee, because he is a big signing, and has excited a lot of supporters. He's an excellent player and wasn't the Bundesliga POTY for nothing, a very good signing to make.

      Yes we still need a CM signing and a LB, plenty of time to sort something out there. Nothing can be judged until August at the earliest.

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      • Steve instead of reacting to other peoples negative comments why not notice my post was not judging anything simply stating that the two players we have brought in so far would not have been considered by any of us as possible top signings, and last season we did all our signings very early on, so I asked if anyone thought we would sign anyone else.

        So how is that judging our summer transfer activity this early?

        Or judging the Kagawa signing by the size of his transfer fee? my point was hardly anyone had heard of him.

    • I don't think the Euros have helped. It's difficult for deals for players in the tournament to be done before/during the period. We have to play a waiting game and hope a deal can be struck in July/August - and hope that prices aren't inflated too much for players who have done well in the Euros.

      I'm still hopefull of a midfield signing - someone proven.

    • Geez man relax. It's early days in the transfer window and there is still a major competition going on so a lot of players are not even negotiating their transfers right now. Besides most of the transfers are done a few days before the 31 August deadline. You shouldn't expect any major transfer coup until at least August.