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  • Clive Clive Jun 15, 2012 17:01 Flag


    Steve instead of reacting to other peoples negative comments why not notice my post was not judging anything simply stating that the two players we have brought in so far would not have been considered by any of us as possible top signings, and last season we did all our signings very early on, so I asked if anyone thought we would sign anyone else.

    So how is that judging our summer transfer activity this early?

    Or judging the Kagawa signing by the size of his transfer fee? my point was hardly anyone had heard of him.

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    • Clive, I'm sorry, I agree with you on many points, but stating that only a few have heard of Kagawa is laughable, and merely points to the fact that you don't know anything about German football. He's proven himself to be one of the best attacking midfielder in all of Europe over the last 2 years, and is young and affordable. He is most definitely a 'big signing'. Who, in that position, who would you rather have signed?

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      • I for one am fed up with the assumption often expressed on boards like this and fuelled by the press that the only signings worth making are those which cost the earth. Some of the best players signed by SAF were bargain buys and more than a few of them were total unknowns when they joined the club. What matters isn`t how much a player cost or what his reputation is when he signs but what difference he makes to the strength of a squad - and yes that is something we won`t know till the end of the season. But that applies to every player who moves to a new club, whether they cost 30 odd million or 6 million. One of the biggest flops during SAF`s time at utd was one of the most expensive - Veron - whilst one of the cheapest was one of the most influential - Cantona.

      • Stefan have I ever said that Kagawa is not a decent player, but making it in the German league does not mean he will make in the prem league, and anyone who says he is definitely a 'big signing' is talking as much crap as you and steve have accused me of talking, the fact that no other half decent team went after him could mean he is not that big.
        Your right I dont know much about German football, I dont live in Germany, same as I dont know much about French football, I have not got all day to look into all the leagues in Europe, so I focus on the one that matters to Man Utd.