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  • William Guy William Guy Jun 16, 2012 10:41 Flag

    ashley young

    whilst young was not great he was nowhere near as bad as parker who seems incapable of passing forward to an england player - all parker does is backwards or sideways safe 5 yard passes

    no wonder the forwards have a hard timne with no midfield to help them

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    • still hasnt worked out what a DM is for!

      makele was awful, i mean what did he create for the strikers!

      young was shocking! he had plenty of the ball & usually either lost it or wasted it. he also made a mistake for 1 of their goals.

      but no, parker was worse because he didnt create anything.

      u do know young is a midfielder? so u include him in that when u say no wonder the fowards have a hard time with no midfield to help them.

      also the reason SG & parker are shattered is because they have to work so hard defensively because we dont keep the ball well. its not just the 2 CM responsible for keeping the ball

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      • Oh dear, Jamie, you are getting yourself worked up, aren't you?

        Bringing in Makele to support your argument is laughable, but then everyone does laugh at your posts. Makele was a class or two above Parker.

        Parker's trouble is his inability to pass forward. Just watch him for once; it's always backwards or sideways. If he does try a forward pass it invariably goes to the oppostion; no wonder he's knackered, he's trying to correct his own mistakes.

      • Ashley Young was crap.
        Welbeck was a total waste of space until he scored. He failed to support the midfield.
        Parker was poor in distribution (as always).
        Lescott was at fault with the goals on the left side of defence. JT should play left but was asked to play right side cos Lescott can't move across. lescott failed.
        johnson played the guy ONSIDE then failed to clear off the line. Ashley Cole would have saved that one.
        England are a third rrate team. not enough Chelsea spirit in there!

        walcott was extremely lucky the keeper was unsighted. England are playing so poorly they don't deserve to qualify for the Quarter Finals.
        Not Roy's fault. He has tried to make silk purses out of a rubbish sows' ears midfield and a rubbish striking force!