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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 20, 2012 13:50 Flag

    Fergie's FUMING at the Fixture List!

    "United, who exited the Champions League at the group stage last season despite having home games after every group fixture, must travel to Liverpool, Newcastle, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Manchester City after European games in the opening half of the season. ""

    The above paragraph blew away your conspiracy theory against manUre. In the last 3-4 seasons, arsenal have been scheduled to play away at manUre first, it's easy to argued that Arsenal are being disadvantaged (or to use your words, stitched up) by fixtures list panel by being drawn away at manUre first.

    manUre were handed 5 home games after their midweek CL matches last season, the most amongst the quartet and still failed miserably to get out of the weakest group. What does that tell you?