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    Why Manchester United's Owners Are Not as Bad as Some Fans Think


    Interesting read and opinions looking at things from a different angle to the usual negativity toward the Glazer ownership of the club. Worth a read.

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    • Interesting article.
      The club has enjoyed a good spell of success under their ownership, and i see no reason for it not to continue.
      Granted clubs like chelsea and city who have rich sugar daddies will cause problems in the transfer market, but in the long run the glazers appear to have a sound enough business plan in place to keep the red machine rolling along.
      I think the biggest hurdle will be when SAF decides to retire and how that will affect the club.

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      • a lesson in how to twist statistics, we have still to see evidence of investment in the infrastructure or the playing staff. for more than a few years we have heard how there's going to be investment and it hasn't happened.So all I can say is IF THE GLAZERS PUT THE MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTHS ARE then i will trust them . there are too many fans like me who continue to love united in spite of that bunch of parasites...Answer me this what money have they ACTUALLY put into UTD of their own not borrowed from here there and everywhere does it come anywhere near the value of the club? unless that can balance out in the black then they are parasites

    • leveraged buyouts and debt-funded takeovers are hardly unusual in the real world.
      neither is rape, murder, leaders killing their own people, etc etc, but just because these things are hardly unusual in the real world, it does not mean we should just accept them happening, putting the debt incurred to buy out a buisness onto the books of that buisness is only legal because of the currupt buisness world we have today, like rich people using the law to get away with paying hardly any tax is not hardly unusual in the real world, but is something that pisses many people off.

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      • More bollocks from you clive, no point advising you to put your brain in gear before you speak, as you obviously don't have one.

        Let's make it simple for you; you want to buy a sweet shop, so you go to the bank and borrow the money. Every day you sell sweets, at the end of the month you take the profits from the shop, minus your wages, and you pay off the bank.

        You bought the shop with borrowed money and paid it off from the earnings of the business.

        It happens ALL the time, in every type of business in the world.


    • OK you want it less like a girl, WINKER you are being so defensive, you can't accept the truth that The glazers are bad for the club and hey the great MUFC can't possible have a problem, so much so that you try to legitimise what you are saying by putting words in others mouths and name calling. NONE of that actually changes the situation, Just as making UTD players scapegoats make it any less of a team failure in the euros.
      bye the bye if these intransigent fans who need to go to spaecsavers didn't keep bringing up how hunky dory everything is you wouldn't get responses from those of us who can see the light

    • So, what were you expecting alan, Torres for £50 million ? Why do you think United didn't buy Ronaldinho ? Remember him ? The PLC wouldn't allow it. Didn't see you moaning then .

    • RULE > name or price has nothing to do with what I want other than someone who can do such and such job that we can't cover at this moment in time but obviously finding this type of signing is getting more difficult and expensive, BUT HAS TO BE DONE and to me and many others this type of signing isn't happening because the purse has been snapped tightly shut, A few of us dared ask what would happen if Cleverley was injured (part of the Shneider debate) Unfortunately it happened and we ended up with the fabulous Paul Scholes returning but his contributions have to be rationed, so obviously not a real solution, at the moment I am still waiting for the midfield stopper with additional skills like buckets full of engine and vision I suppose thats the expensive signing thats a must do, perhaps carrick could move further forward to help Cleverleys transition but he hardly weighs in with lots of goals or perhaps nani could do spells in central midfield whilst Valencia wows us out on the wing or nana switch to left and young move central, but nothing like that seems to be part of a plan

    • [

      "what united has not done is paid huge sums for average players"


      BREAKING NEWS................

      "ManUre sign £7.4m Portuguese striker Bébé."


      It looks like someone is telling PORKIES and it isn't Alan on this thread.



    • An extract from the same linked Guardian article..............

      "Bébé, A RELATIVELY UNKNOWN 20-year-old from the Portuguese club Vitória de Guimarães," the Guardian can reveal.

      LMFAO!!!!..................... hehehehehe!!!

    • That's your problem, and kitten's too. You think that if we don't agree 100% with you about something, , we obviously think it's all 'hunky dory'. We know it's not, but I'd like you to tell me a club more successful than United, in England in the last 6 seasons. Are they all shouting for the bosses to be chucked out of Arsenal , who've won nothing for 7 seasons ?

    • Yeah, how about £30.75m WASTED on a FOURTH choice, bench-warming striker with NO resale value, huh?

      I'm surprised you highlighted other perceived bad buys by other clubs in your reply but missed out on the highest profile FLOP of all in recent years. I'm pretty sure that that sorry purchase from White Hart Lane did not suddenly disappear from manUre's books.

      Anyway, that's in keeping with your pathetic attempts to downplay manUre's bad signings to propped up your failing arguments against Alan, Rikksy.

    • that foundation was based on a solid foundation established before the Glazers lack of handiwork since they came they haven't put their money where their mouths are...promised much but welched on the promises

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