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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jun 25, 2012 07:38 Flag

    Ashley Young......

    I bet i wasn't the only one who KNEW Young was going to MISS.

    Dear oh dear.

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    • I can hardly criticise him for missing his penalty given just a few days ago I touted the other Ashley as England's number one spotkicker and the greatest of all time, or something like it.

      But more generally Ashley Young had a disapppointing tournament like most of the other young players in the team. I thought the back five, and Gerrard, Parker and Rooney looked competent, but all of Young, Milner, Wellbeck, Carroll, Walcott, AOC and Henderson looked rather out of their depth, both last night and over the tournament, flashy goals against Sweden notwithstanding.

      Hopefully it will prove to be valuable experience for them for the next world cup or two. After all, England fans frequently say we should ditch the old guard and blood some youngsters. This could be seen as that.


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      • Young was crap all tournament. Terry was the outstanding player IMO.Walcott took his moment exceptionally well yet looked like the rest of the team against Italy, bewildered.

        Not a fan of Parker either, he can win a ball alright, but boy, he can lose it too! Gerard was almost a complete non entity against Italy surely? He, along with Rooney, should have grabbed that game around the scruff of the neck and MADE it Englands surely????

        Welbeck, AOC etc.. out of their depth for the most part.

        PS. Am i the only one that thought Hart made a complete c*nt out of himself when he started pulling faces during the penalty shoot out? I mean.....come on!

    • And me ,What a total waste of F*CKING space he was along with Mr Rooney who failed to turnup AGAIN. THEY SAY ROONEY IS OUR MAIN MAN, what a load of crap that is. Other that those two I thought the boys did OK.