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  • Kev Kev Jun 25, 2012 09:18 Flag

    Ashley Young......

    The whole team went missing last night pal, well maybe apart from G Johnson & Terry who both played well.

    Our player of the tournament was probably Gerrard but Pirlo took the p*ss out of him & Parker last night, i wouldnt just put the blame on Rooney & Ash Young, the whole team struggle with possesion.

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    • Young and Rooney barely scrape a 3 out of ten.
      Defence gets a 7 each, including Parker.
      Milner and Welbeck barely a 4 out of 10.

      Gerrard 5 or 6 if generous...

      Hodgson - 7 for doing the best with a side totally lacking in ideas, skill, technical ability imagination.. or flair.

      We have to stop telling our kids to 'Get Stuck In' and start telling them to practice keepie-uppie and passing skills.